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Question Answer
war on terror G.W Bush launched a global war haverd terroist
al-qedaterrorist group who attacked september 11.
George W Bush former governer of texas won the very close election on 2000
USA patriot actlaw introduced in responce to terroist attacks that expanded our governments law inforcement power
finacial crisis 2008$700 Billion was provided to banks, investment ferms, as the savier crisis came
Osama bin Ladenorganized the al-qeda group
al gore jrlost the disputed election 2000 for president
september 11 2001worst attack in us history
war in Iriq Bush orderd troops to capture sudam asain
Presidential election of 2000closest election in history
Talibanterrist group of afganistan
Hurican Katrina costlyst hurican in record of the U.S

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