Claims and its types

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ClaimsThe central argument or thesis statement of the writer
ClaimsWhat the author is trying to prove by providing explanation, details and evidences
ClaimsIn identifying this, you just have to know the author's point or his position regarding the topic
(1) Should be argumentative & debatable, (2) Should be specific and focused, (3) Should be interesting & engaging, (4) Should be logical4 Characteristics of a good claim
(1) Facts, (2) Policy, (3) ValueTypes of Claims
Claim of Fact states that something exists and quantifiable.
Claim of Fact usually answer “What” questions
Claim of Valueassert something that can be qualified.
Claim of Valueconsists of arguments about moral, philosophical, or aesthetic topics
Claim of ValueA proposition is judged whether it is good or bad, beneficial or detrimental, justified or unjustified, worthwhile or worthless.
Claim of ValueAttempts to explain how problems, situations or issues ought to be valued.
Claim of Policy asserts that something has to be done as a solution to a particular problem.
Claim of Policy It is easy to identify this claim because it begins with words like should, ought to, must.
Claim of Policy Posit that specific actions should be chosen as solutions to a particular problem
Claim of Policy Answers “how” questions

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