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Stage 1kidney damage with normal or increased gfr (>90 ml/min)
Stage 2GRF 60-89 ml/min
Stage 3GRF 30-59 ml/min
Stage 4GRF 15-29 ml/min
Stage 5GRF <15 ml/min
Four interventions for CKDglucose control, BP control, lipid management, anemia management
Hyperphosphatemia tx1. Ca carbonate 2. Sevelamer 3. Lanthanum Carbeonate (can use the last two options regardless of Ca level)
Hypocalcemia Ca carbonate - make sure Vitamin D level is okay because this may enhance Ca absorption
Anemia Stage I-III txPO iron
Anemia Stage IV txIV iron (avoid dextran due to higher risk of anaphylaxis than other options)
ESA use in CKDkidney can no longer produce RBC; do not start unless Hgb is <10 then goal HgB (11-12) due to increase CV risk
Vit D deficiency stage I-IIIOTC vitamin D
VitD deficiency state IVcalcitriol
High PTH and High CalciumCalcium is no longer stimulating receptors therefore cinacalcet (Sensipar) is used to sensitize these receptors ( do not use if serum Ca level <8.4) OR administer calcitriol
Why is ACE/ARB recommended for end stage? protects arteries from becoming stiff/remodeled and reduces sympathetic nerve activity
When is iron too low? tsat >30% and iron store >500 for CKD
When is furosemide CI? CrCl < 10 ml/min
How to increase EPO dose? increase by 25% then give it a month to kick in
How to increase Sensipar? increase dose by 30mg

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