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what are the side effet of asthma treatment b agoinast , what next investigationmuscle weakness , hypokalmia , arrthymmia check electrolytes panel
what are the best marker of re occulssion mi to see new ischemiack-mb
what are the hint for toxic shock syndromenasal packing , menstrual tampon , surgeical wound infection ,
waht are the most complication of peptic ulcerhemmorge
what are the most occupation of infection of hydat cyst sheap breader
what are the best prevention of diabetic nephropathy control bp
wahta are the cause of inssiption in older childern mekile diverticulm > small bowel diverticulm
what are the cause of strok in vhildern trumas of soft palate cause internal cartoid dissection
what are the most sourse of plumonary thrombosis illlofemoral soource
what are the cause of cardic temponade interventricular shift to lv > decrease lv preload , strok voulme and cardic output
what are the cause of macrocytcic anima in sklcle anima pt and why folate defecincy , increase rbc turnover and folate consumption in bone marrow