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wt chemo induce neuropathy vincristin, cisplatin, and paclitaxil
wt is the S/E of azathioprine1-pancreatitis
2-liver toxic
3-does dependent BM suppression
wt is the S/E of cyclosporin viral infection, lymphoma or renal toxic
wt is the S/E of hydroxychloroquine1-most common BM suppression (usually temporary)
2-GI distress
3-visual problem (affect retina)
4-hemolysis in G6PD anemia
wt is the S/E of methotrixatmacrocytic anemia or even pancytopenia ( do CBC/ 3 months), nausea , stomatits, rash , liver toxic, interstetial lung disease, alopecia, and fever
wt is the S/E of IV acyclovir ?and how to prevent it ?increase risk of acute renal failure( this happen when the amount that been filtered is more than wt can be dissolved in urine so it will form a crystals and damage the tubules) the ttt is hydration and decrease the does but do not stop the medication
wt drugs can cause pancreatitis1-valporic acid
2-didanosine(HIV med)
wt is the S/E of metoclopramidemovement problem as EPS
wt drugs can increase the prolactin level1-OCB,
4-hypothyroidism as disease or as a drug S/E
wt is S/E of methylphenidate nervesness, nausea, insomnia, weight loss, appetite loss, abdominal pain, if used long enough can lead to weight loss and growth restriction ( so dont use it if <6 years )
how you ttt fight bite (human bite)amoxicilline and clavelunic acid, if allergic to penicillin give clindamycin and ciprofloxacin
wt is kayexalate ? and wt we use it for ?it is sodium polystyrene sulfonate. We use it to remove K from body but need 1-2 hours to work
wt most common teratogenic effect of lithium with each trimester ?-first trimester give cardiac ebstein anomaly
-second and third trimester it increase chance of goiter and transient neonate neuromuscular dysfunction
wt is the ttt of osteoarthritis pain start with acetaminophen , if not enough give NSAID, if not enough inject steroid directly into the joint, if not enough try colchicine
wt is the effect of corticosteroid on WBCs increase neutrophils ( by increase release of BM storage and increase the marginated release ) and decrease the eosinophils
how nitroglycerin decrease the chest pain in MI it dilate the venous side of the body ( also called capacitance vessels) so this will decrease the venous return and thats how it decrease the heart work
wt is the ttt of alzheimer according to severity if mild donepizl or galantamin, but for moderate to sever give mamantadin ( N methyl D aspartate receptor antagonist)
wt is the ttt of SLE that is limited only to skin and joints and what to follow while on medication.hydroxychloroquine but remember to do eye exam every 6 months
how to protect the heart in TCA toxicity and wt is the mechanism of this drug in protecting the heart you give Na+ bicarbonate, it work by increase the extracellular Na and this will stabilize the heart muscle
wt is the best anti psychotic for elder with agitation haloperidol
wt is the containdication for bupropion seizure and anorexia
wt is the ttt of otitis media in children amoxicillin but if <6 years old for 10 days, if > 6 years old for 5-7 days
wt is the ttt of rhabdomyolysis iv hydration and Na+ bicarbonate to prevent myoglobin precipitation in the kidney
palivizumab indicationwe use it for RSV prophylaxis as in
1- premature baby,
2- cyanotic heart disease,
3- pulmonary HTN,
4- in bronchopulmonary dysplasia ( this is the most important indication)
wt is fenasterid and wt we use it for it is alfa reductase inhibitor that prevent the conversion of testasteron to DHT. we use it in BPH if the gland is larger than 40mg or no response to alph 1 blocker
wt is the ttt of acute uterine bleedingif stable give high does estrogen or progesterone ( if contraindicated as in breast cancer ) give transexamic acid or antifibrinlytic. if unstable or no response to previous ttt after 36 hours you do D&C
wt is the ttt of acute prostatitis most of the time it is caused by chlamydia or E coli( presented as fever, chilli, and anal pain), so ttt with --floxacine for 3-6 weeks or TMP/SMX
how to prevent recurrent attack of migraine ?1-BB (as propranolol or timolol)
2-valporic acid
how you ttt acute migraine attack?try NSAID, sumatriptan or ergotamine
wt is the ttt of trigeminal neuralgia1- start with carbamazepine or phenytoin, if both didnt work
2- try gabapentin, lamotrigine, if didnt work
3-do surgical nerve decompression
wt drugs cause megaloblastic anemia ?antiseizures as phenytoin, primidone, phenobarbital l(ead to folic acid deficeincy), isoniazid( B12 antagonist )
wt complication of erythromycin when used in infants pyloric stenosis (even with that complication you still should use it in case of pneumonia in infants)
wt is the effect of NSAID on ADH ?NSAID can potentiate the action of ADH so patient will developed SIADH .
wt ttt should always given immediately to a patient comes with confusion or disoriantation ?start by ttt the reversable causes as thiamin first then glucose , O2, and naloxon then search for the underline causes
wt is the S/E of TMP/SMX in high does that need monitoring hyper K+ by blocking the Na channel in the collecting ducts
wt is S/E of macrolide1-prolong the Q-T interval
3-Nausea and vomiting
4-inhibit liver P450
5-pyloric stenosis in infants
wt is the ttt of premature ventricular complex if asymptomatic no ttt , if symptomatic BB with amidaron as second choice
wt is fatal S/E of succinylcholine?, wt is the contraindication of succinylcholine? it can cause sever hyper K+. so dont use with burn or crush injury older than 8 hours and dont use with rhabdomyolysis.( use non depolarizing agent as vecuronium or rocuronium )
wt is the only diuretics that can be used in sulfa allergic patientethacrynic acid
wt is the ttt of pyelonephritis ?fluoroquinolones, aminoglycoside or if pregnant give ceftrioxon
wt is the ttt of chemo induced nausea and vomiting ondansetron (steroid agonist ) u can use it as ttt and as prophylaxis( add corticosteroid if used as prophylaxis)
wt is the colchicine S/EBM suppression, diarrhea,
wt is the S/E of allopurinol1-Steve J$ or TEN
4-allergic nephritis
wt is the hydrochlorothiazide S/E1-hypotention,
2-hypo K
3-hyper Ca
5-increase LDL & TG
wt is the S/E of fluoroquinolonestendonitis, even tendon rupture (achilles tendon most common )
wt is the ttt of artery embolism embolictomy, or direct injection of streptokkinase into the artery near the occlusion using a angiography catheter
wt is street drugs cause vertical nystagmusPCP( phencyclidine )
wt anticoagulation medication are contraindicated in renal GFR<30 : 1-LMWH as enoxaprin
2-fondaparinux (inejected factor 10 inhibitor )
3-rivaroxaban ( oral factor 10 inhibitor ).
keep in mind the only heparin you can give in GFR<30 is unfractional heparin
Question Answer
how you ttt end stage cancer pain using opioidsfirst try non narcotic. if not enough give a short acting morphine and increase the does until you find the lowest effective does the switch to long acting morphine ( remember you can always use the short acting for breakthrough pain)
how to ttt atrial fibrillation not responding to medications most common originated from pulmonary vein so just do radiofrequency ablation
wt medications should DM patient stop before contrast study metformin should be withheld 24 hour before contrast until 48 hours post contrast
how you ttt lambert eaton and mysthenia gravies associated with small lung cancer plasmapherisis or IVIG plus immunosuppression
how you ttt carcinoid tumorwith octreotide (somatostatin) for symptom and also before surgery and anesthesia
wt is the ttt of cancer associated anorexia and cachexiause progesteron analoge as mefestrol acetate or medroxyprogesteron acetate. ( one can use corticosteroid and TCA but both has more S/E so not preferred)
wt you should check before you start erythropoietincheck the iron level and replace it if low and even after starting the ttt if microcytic anemia developed one should give dextran (iron)
wt is the first choice ttt for malignant otitis externa fluoroquinolones
wt is niacin induced flushing ?, and how to prevented ?high does of niacin can induce skin flushing and itching caused by prostaglandin induced vasodilations (usually occur during the first 2 weeks of ttt). it can be prevented by oral aspirin 30 min before the niacin
wt is the broad spectrum Antibiotic for ttt of fever in a patient with neutropenia (<1500)you worry about pseudomonas so take 2 blood samples for culture and then ttt with pipracillin and tazobactame
wt is the complications of PEEP1-tention pneumothorax
2-hypotension with high PEEP
3-alveolar damage
wt 2 medications should be avoided in prinzmetal anginaBB and aspirin both can induce vasospasm
wt is the ttt of osteomylitis caused by trauma (psudomonaous )fluoroquinolones
why we start the ttt of hyper Ca++ with IV fluid high Ca++ level will induce urine salt wast and lead to hypovolemia that will exacerbate the hyper Ca++ even more
wt is the best long term ttt of malignancy hyper Ca+ ?and how it work bisphosphonates ( zoledronic acid), with will shut down the osteoclast cell
aspirin is always contraindicated in children except for 2 diseases ?kawasaki disease and juvenile rheumatoid arthritis
wt is the indication of surgery in ttt of BPHif sever obstruction symptom not controlled with alph blocker and fensterid, or recurrent infection
wt is the best antidepressants for a smoker and depression bupropion
wt is the best antidepressant for depression plus DM neuropathy, or migraine TCA ( amitriptyline)
wt is the complication of viagra (sildenafil) is associated with ischimic optic nueropathy
wt is the most common complication of high does of Vit Coxalic kidney stones(especially with RF)
how should you ttt hypo Ca+ in case of decrease the albumin level first calculate the correct the Ca level . multiply 0.8 by (4- albumin level) add the result to the ca level then if still needed correct
wt is prophylaxis for neuropathy associated with isoniazind? and wt is the ttt if already developed B6 10mg/ day as prophylaxis but if already developed ttt with 100 mg /day
wt is the ttt of diverticulitis with abscess if abscess <3cm just Antibiotic but if no response within 5 days or if > 3cm then drain under ct or go to surgery drain
wt is the most effective medication to quite smoking varenicline is more effective than bupropion
wt is medication safe for asthma ttt during pregnancy Beta agonistes and corticosteroids inhalers
wt is the teratogenic effect of isotretinoin1-craniofacial anomalies
3-heart anomalies
wt precausion should be done in women before ttt with isotretinoinfirst do pregnancy test then use 2 form of contraception for one month and then start the isotretinoin and dont forget to continue the contraception for one month after you stop isotretinoin
wt precaution before starting a patient on methotrexate1-dont ever give during pregnancy or if will be pregnant soon ,so do Bhcg
2-liver function (ALT/AST)
3-renal function
4-alcohol abuse
wt kind of hearing loss induced by aminoglycoside sensorineural hearing loss
how to ttt renal uric acid stone hydration , alkaline urine with K+ citrate, and give a low protein diet ( if recurrent start allopurinol )
wt is fluphenazine specific S/E ?it has long half life and will inhibit the shaking and shivering, the patient can die if exposed to cold for long time (as alcoholic who slept out side)
wt should you advice a patient with atrial premature beatstop alcohol, caffeine , smoking, and stress

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