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wt is the muscle biopsy finding in polymyositislymphocytic infiltration with area of necrosis and regeneration
wt is antibody can be found in polymyositisanti Jo antibody(assiciated with lung fibrosis), anti signal recognition portical antibody(srp) , anti histidyl tRNA synthetase antibody
wt is the test that refelect the severity and presense of SLE flardecrease in complement and increase anti DS-DNA antibody
wt is the medication that can slow the progression of SLEbelimumab
wt is MC cause of death in SLEyoung =infection ,old MI (accelerated atherosclerosis)
wt is best initial and Most accurate test for antiphospholipid $BI is mixing study, MA is Russle viper venom test
wt medication slow progression in sclerodermamethotrexate
wt is inclusion body myositis ? and wt you going to see in biopsyit is weakness start in older patients lower limb that progress to involve upper limb. the biopsy will show c8 infiltration with pink intracellular inclusion
wt you will find in biopsy of mitochondrial myopathyragged red fiber
wt antibody you may find in scleroderma ant scl 70 (anti topisomeras) and/or anti centromer
wt is the dangerous complication of sjogrenlymphoma
wt is BI and MA test for sjogrenBI schirmer test , MA is lip or parotid gland piobsy (remember best initial blood test is anti SSA(ro) and anti ssb(la)
wt neonate abnormality you will find in a baby of a mom who has anti ssA (RO)heart block
wt is the most common neurological presentation in polyarteritis nodosa peroneal neuropathy leading to foot drop followed by strock in young patient
wt are the most common skin presentation in polyarteritis nodosalowe extremity ulcer is MC, livido reticularis , purpura, nodules and even gangrene can occur
wt is lab findind in adult still diseaselow albumin and Hg, high WBCs and ferritin
wt you will find in henoch schonlein purpura biopsyleukocytoclastic vasculitis
wt is Meltzer's sign ? and in wt disease we find ittriad of arthralgia, myalgia and purpura, found in cryogloulins (HCV)
wt is behcet disease triad of symptomrecurrent mouth ulcer, genital ulcer and uveitis
wt is the ttt of ankylosing spondylitisexercise and NSAID , if not enough give anti TNF as etanerecept, adalimumab or infliximab
wt is the best initial test for psoriatic arthritisxray will show pencil in cup ( remember ESR and uric acid are elevated )
wt is the ttt of psoriatic arthritis NSAID if not enough methorixate if both failed use anti TNF
wt are the causes of reactive arthritis (reiter $)IBD, STD as chlamydia or ureoplasma ( more in men), gastointestinal infection as yersinia, shigella, salmonella, or campylobacter
wt is the ttt for reiter $NSAID if not enough salfasalazin , intra articles steroid may help( remember antibiotics will decrease disease with stds but not gastrointestinal infection )
how to follow responce to therapy in osteomyelitiswith ESR
wt reflect disease activity in RAESR or CRP

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