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what is the differance btw the psudostbsmus and strabsmus psudo is corneal light reflex normal
what is the complicarion ofCMV retinitis retinal detachment
what can cause the weight reduction (olirastat ) fat soulble vit defecicy
whate is the different brw central artery occlusion and Venus occlusion artery pale retnia , venouscentral vision loss , disk swelling , venous dilation , retina hemorrhage
what is the most sighn of retinal detactment curtain coming down in one eye , gray cloud
what is the treatement of kertoconjectivits which come rhumotid arthitis artificial tear
what is the difereant btw ant granmatous uvitis and non grantmotaus uvitis inside ant chamber non granamtouswhite cell in ant chamber and and small kertain and fibrin . grantomtuslarger kertain (mutton far )iris nodule
what is the different btw ant uvitis and post uvitis in t/t ant local corticostreoid , postsystemtic cortostroid