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what is symptom of ADPKDHTN,palpable,b/L mass,microscopic hematourria
whats complication of ADPKDMC hepatic cyst , berry aneurism , ,colon diverticula, valvuler heart D & AR , abd wall & lingual hernia.
wt indication for MRI in meniscal injurysever pain W mild flexion, persistent S W conservative therapy, locking, or recurrent effusion
wt clinical presentation of meniscal injury gradual effusion, popping, giving away, or locking
wt is TTT fo diabetic gastroparsis metoclopramid (S/E=EPS) or in acute setting IV erythromycin
wt is the DD for anterior mediastinal mass 4X T ( thymoma, teratoma, thyroid , or terrible lymphoma )
how to differential teratoma from other germ cell tumor in the anterior mediastinal mass by presence of calcium and fat on imagine ( tooth )
how to differentiate seminoma from non-seminomaseminoma can rise the B hcg but never AFP, but non seminoma can increase both
wt are the non seminoma yolk sac, chorio C, emberyonal C, teratoma
wt is aspirin exacerbated Resp distress( psudoallargies to NSAID and aspirin)is asthma symptom, watery eye and nose discharge , and facial flushing within 30 min to 3 hours of aspirin or NSAID. caused by increase Leukotriene and decrease anti inflammatory caused by COX inhibition
wt high homocystin increase in blood effect ( as genetics )accelerate atherosclerosis and increase venous thrombosis
how to TTT homocystinemia vit B6, folic acid, and if B12 is low replace it
how to diagnose the trigger of anaphylactic reaction by doing a skin prick test or by blood radioallargin sorbent AB
how to TTT anaphylactic shock SC Epinephrin, antihistamin, corticosteroid , protect airway
wt is the complement that decrease in angioedema C2, C4, C1 estrase inhibitor
how to TTT urticaria antihistamin, leukotriene receptor blocker as montilukast and zafirlukast
wt is the indication of anti epileptic prophylaxis after the first attack of seizure 1- family Hx of seizure, 2abnormal CT or EEG, 3 neurological focal deficit, 4 epilepticcus attack that needed benzotrobine to stop it
wt is the TTT of Tropic sprue 1 tetracyclin or 2 TMP/SMX for 6 months
wt is the TTT of whipple D ceftrioxon followed by TMP/SMX
wt is the most common complication of trans jugular intra hepatic porto-systemic shunt hepatic encephalopathy
how chron's disease cause interesting obstructionby fibrous stricture
wt is the best ttt for progressive back pain caused by prostatic C metastasis ?if focal external radiation , etidronate can help but slower action
wt are the PDA dependent congenital heart D ?1- truncus arterioles, 2 corcatation of aorta, 3 hypo plastic left heart $, 4 total anomaly pulmonary venous return , 5 tricuspid atresia
wt is the medication that can slow the progression of ALS ? and wt is the medication S/E?Riluzol (glutamate inhibitor). S/E are increase ALT/AST, weakness, decrease weight, nausea and dizziness
wt is the causes of gastric output $ malignancy, peptic ulcer, chron's disease, pyloric stricture follow caustic ingestion agent (6-12 weeks)
how to Dx gastric output $symptom as pain after food ingestion, N/V, and early satiety. put stethoscope on the belly and rock the patient from the thighs
wt symptom and sign developed in liver cirrhosis due to decrease estrogen metabolism by liver ( increase estrogen in blood)1-gynachomastia 2-palm erythema 3-spider angioma 4-testicular atrophy 5-decrease body hair
wt is benign edema of pregnancy it occurs in 1/3 of nl pregnancies , B/L W no symptom or sign suggestive of preeclampsia of DVT
wt is c/p and ct finding in mesothelioma Abd pain and distention, early satiety , nausea , and weight loss. on CT will see peritoneal thinking and nodules with ascites
wt is the hypothyroidism associated metabolic change1- hyperlipidemia (increase cholesterol, LDL, and TG) 2- hypo Na+ 3- increase Cr 4- increase ALT/AST (usually less than 10 time NL)
how hypothyroidism can induce hyperlipidemiaby decreasing the LDL receptor number and activity
wt is hyposthenuria and in which patient we find it it is decrease in the renal ability to concentrate urin so increase in urination , found in sickle cell anemia
how to screen for thalacemia before marriageis african american do CBC and Hb electrophoresis but if not african american start with CBC and only if abnormal do the HB electrophoresis and if abnormal offer it for the husband
wt is conditions associated with vitiligo1- DM type1, 2- autoimmun thyroiditis, 3- pernicious anemia, 4- primary adrenal insufficiency 5- hypopituitarism , 6- alopecia areata

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