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who is at high risk of getting infected endocarditis caused by staph epidermidisprosthetic valve and baby with ubillical venous catheter
wt is iridodorisis and in which patient we see it it is rapid iris dialtation and contraction and wee see it with patient who has marfan
wt is special symptom for lewy dementia and for pick disease lewy give visual hallucinations and pic give pica
wt is bowen's disease it is sequamous caricinoma in situ, present as thin erythematous plaque with well defined border and overlying scale and crust
wt are the most common origin of tumor metastasis to the liver git>lung>breast
how long should the women wait before get pregnant post MMR 28 day
wt is the most common complication of spherosytosis hemolysis with increase the mean corpus Hb concentration (MCHC), and choleocystitis (increase bilirubin stone)
a neonate girl with B/L enlarged breast and non purelant bloody vaginal discharge , wt is that this is a NL presentation in some neonate girls caused by increase maternal estrogen in there circulation
wt is the most common cause of orbital cellutlits in children bacterial sinusitis
how to ttt vaginal candida in pregnant women vaginal imdazol or nystatin for 3-7 days
how to confirm susbected appendisitis in pregnancy with U/S and if need more conformation do MRI ( never CT)
wt artery get injured in epidural hematoma? and where it get injured medial meningial artery, it get injured in the foramen spinosam
where is the most common site where willson affect the CNS in the lenticular neucleus ( so it also called hepato renticula degenration
wt is the charachtaristic of visual loss associated with papiledema triggered by changing the head position
wt is the specific symptom of medial cerebral artery ischemia if dominant? , and in non dominant? if dominant aphasia if not dominant give neglictia or agosognosia ( he said im not sick Dr)
wt is the most common cause of viral polyarthralgia in adult contact children (as kindergarten teacher)b19 (most commonly involve PIP joing, MCP joing and wrist )
how to manage foreign body swallowing in children is in esophagus fo upper endoscopy but if passed esophegus just wait and follow with Xray
wt is the mechanism of SLE renal injury complement activation and immuno complex deposition
wt is the DD of inverted T wave in ECG MI, myocarditis, old pericarditis, myocardial contusion, or digoxin toxicity
wt is the most sensetive test for avascular necrosis caused by corticosteroid ( osteochondritis dessicans)MRI
how to Dx rotator cuff injury Vs rotator cuff tenosynovitisgive lidocain if improved its injury not tenosynovitis
wt is the MC complication of subclavian central line catheter pneumothorax
wt is spondyloisthesis and how it present it is a slipped L5 over S1, present most of the time in children as slowly progression back pain and neurological dysfunction. on physical exam with will find a step off over the that area
how to deal with subcongectival hemorrhage it benign just watch for 48 hour ( lower BP if its high will help )
wt is enthestitis ? in which patient we commonly find it it is inflammation and pain in the tendon bone attachment . it is common in sero -ve (HLA B27 arthritis )
wt is leriche $ ? and wt cause it ?it is triad of cludication, LL B/L atrophy and impotence. caused by aortic biforction occlusion
wt is the most common cause of infected endocarditis post orodental surgery and respiratory biopsy step viridand (group D), they are 4 subtype and all of them start with letter M or S
wt is the ttt of vgainismus kegal exercise , or finger insertion before sex intercorse
how you ttt pititary adenoma for both micro<10 mm and macro you start with dopamin agonist as bromocrptin or cabergolain (this decrease tumor size ) then you resect if needed
wt is the most common presentation of neurofibromatosis type 1 axillary frecking, cafe latie spot , exophthamlous, glioma tumor
wt is the most common cause of unilateral LAD that is red and tender and warm staph > step group A
wt is the most common complication of ankylosing spondyolitis after 20 years vetebral demineralization and fractures
wt one should test before starting lithium pregnancy, thyroid and renal function
wt is the monitoring test should be done for sever acute pancreatitisgive AB and do Ca+ and Mg+ level (remember that US is better than Ct in Dx the stone as a possible cause)
wt vitamin should be given to all pregnant women during the first trimister vit K to prevent bleeding in the baby
wt is the most common cause of pneumothorax that is resistant to chest tube and ttt rupture bronchus
how acute fatty liver of pregnancy presentvery high ALT/AST, prolong PT and PTT (during last trimester or postpartum)
wt is the mechanism of RUQ pain in HELP $destention of hepatic capsule ( glissons capsule )
wt is the most common cause of septecemia in term neonate vs preterm term = step pnumonia , preterm e coli ( ttt start by 2 blood sample and csf sample then start by giving ampecillin and gentamycin )
how massive blood transfusion can cause hypo Ca+the anticoagulant citrate has a chelator effect on Ca+
wt is zoledronic acid is another name for bisphosphonate
wt is the test that measure night erection rigiscan
how osteomylitis happen in children, DM, and trauma children MC by hematological spread , DM contagious spread , where in trauma it is happened by inculation
why zollinger ellison $ can cause fat maleabsorptiongastric acid inhibit the pancreatic enzymes
wt is the causes of pulsus paradoxus (>10 drop in pules with inspiration )tamponad , sever asthma or copd
wt is the most common cause of aspiraiton pnumonia in dementia impaired gag reflex
wt is the bone complicaion in turner $ low estrogen will lead to osteoprosis
wt is the effect of cirrosis on body tempretur body temp should be lower than NL in cirrotic Paitent so any temp >37.8 need to be investigated
wt is senile purpura the hand blood vessels will loss there elastesity so leak some blood in btween the tissue lead to purpul color that turn brown due to hemosidren depostion
wt is the most sever complication of brochiechrasis hemoptesis
wt is folie a deux delusion one person delusion infect another person
wt is the most common cause of niacin deficency hurt nup $, carcinoid tumor, alcoholism, and ppl who just eat corn ( its called pellegra )
how does setting from supine position will help in decreasing the atelectasis post surgery by increasing the functional residual capasity
how to manage postmenpuse with adenexal mass do transvginal U/S and ca 125 if both assuring just follow up with same screening other wise surgery
wt is the most presentation for actinomycin bacterial infection ? how should you ttt it ?as slowly progressinon hard, tender mass with possible formation of sinus tract( need ttt with penicillin for 12 weeks and if allergic give clindamycin
how to diffrential vaginal fluid fro ameniotic fluid in pregnancy using the PHthe ameniotic fluid PH is 7 and the vaginal PH is 4.5
wt advice for women who wanna stop lactation ( e.g baby died )apply ice , tight bra , avoid stimulation to the nipple, if pain use NSAID
wt situation increase and decrease the prolactine level prolatine increase with , TRH, dopamin blockers (antipsychotic ,TCA, and MAO inhibitors )
how shock can increase the body temp by hypthalamic shock which will change the body temp set point
who should be screened for celiac disease DM type 1, hashimotothyroditis, IgA deficiency , first degree relative with celiec D, down $.
how u screen for celiec D ?tissue transglutaminase IgA AB, measuring the total IgA. if AB is positive scope and biopsy (villis atrophy )
how to assess the severity of Ulcerative cholitis mid = <6 stool/ day with no anemia or fever . modirate = > 6 stool with anemia , fever , hyoalbuminemia . sever= like moderate with sever leukocytosis and tachycardia
how to confirm Di Gorgi Dpcr based genotyping , chromosome 22q11
wt is the most common site for anal fissure 90% posterior midline distal to dintat line . 10% anterior midline ( if acute < 6 weeks ttt with warm wash , analgesic , increase fiber and stool softener )
wt is the tertiary hypoadrenalism stoping corticosteroid after long use. present as hypoglycemia, hypo Na, hyper K with increase in esinophil and lymphocytes
wt is liddle $ it is psudohyper aldosteronism caused by rare defect in the na/ k transporting in the renal give exact presentation of hyper aldosteron but with low aldosterone
how to diffrentiate hemophila A form acquried anti factor 8 AB by mixing study that will correct only hemophila
how HSV present in baby 1 skin, eye, and mouth ( 5-14 days) . 2- pneumonia . shock or hepatitis ( first week) . 3- lethargy or seizure (3-4 weeks)
how mitral stenosis present in pregnancy ? and how to manage it ?can present as pulmonary HTn, and edema. manage by controlling the arryhethemia , and during delivery one should monnitor with swan ganz catheter and shorten the 2nd stage of labor using forceps
wt is the MC cause of meningitis in neonate strep agalactica (group B) > E coli > listeria
wt is the most common presentation of fragil X $ in femal (sister of affected male )low IQ, ADHD ( every sister of affected male should be screened with cytogenetic test )
how to calculate the risk of down $ <35 year old risk is 0.1. >35 year old risk is 1% if 1st baby has down the 2nd baby has a risk of 1 % too
wt is laryngeomalasia it is congenital abnormality in the laryngeal cartillage that lead to stridor with noise during inspiration , started at 2 months age , increase with crying or sleeping
wt is the MC cause of diffuse bronchiectasis in children CF
wt is the other name for croups disease of childrenlaryngeotracheobronchitis
wt is the ttt? Wt you you need to screen in kawasaki Dfirst ttt with aspirin and IVIG and do echo for corenary aneurism
wt is the most common psychatric association with borderline D 50% has also eating disorder

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