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wt are the complication of humeral supracondylar fracture brachial artery injury, median nerve, compartment $, volkman ischemic contraction, cebetus varus deformety
wt is reye $ it is hyperammonia , increase in pt, ptt, INR, ALT/AST and encephalopathy. on liver biopsy will see microvascular fatty infeltration
wt is the DD of isolated systolic HTN , with wide pulseaortic regargitation = diastolic murmur with wide pulse and other symptom of AR. 2- isolate systolic pressure with wild pulse bit systolic murmur in other wise healthy elder ( this caused by calcification of arteries) ttt it with thiazid, ccb or ACE inhibitores
wt are the DD of middle mediastinal mass trachea tumor, bronchogenic cyst, percardial cyst, lymphoma, aortic aneurism,
wt is the dd for posterior mediastinal mass esophagial leiomyoma
wt is the most common thyroid mass epithilum (papillary with is benign> follicular > anaplastic )
wt is pathophysiology behind marfan $mutation in the fibriline 1 gen .
wt is congenital contration arachodactyl. it is AD mutation in fibrilil 2 gene present as joint contraction, arachnodychtayl, ocular and cardiac symptom.
wt imaging should you do for a patient with unprovoked seizureif emergency to CT if not do MRI
how you manage varible decelaration in pregnancy 1st oxygen and change the mom position if no improvement you may rubture the membrane and infusion of saline , if nor response and has a hyper contration you may give tocolytics if still no response you do to cs
lens dislocation in marfan vs homocytinouriait is downward in homocystinura vs up in marfan $, (remember homocystinouria also has low IQ and thrombosis )
wt is the most common long term complication of sexual asultsuicidal
wt test should be dome for newly diagnosed iTPjust remember that 10 % of HIV patient present with thrombocytopenia (HCV also do that ) of all result are NL you may need to do BM biopsy
wt is hyper Ca+ of immobilization it is common in elder with pagets D. there is a balnce btw bone turnover and renal excretion of ca so if renal insufficiency that can give hyper ca after few days
wt vaccination should you consider for spleenectomyyou should give strep 13, meiingiococcal , and h influnze type b 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after spleenectomy followed after 2 months by strep 23
wt is explenation for resistent hypoparathyroidism sever Mg dificency can give low PTH and decrease the responce to PTH so mimic hypo Ca
wt are the indications for ECTdepression in pregnancy, refractory mania, neuroleptic malignant $, catatonic schizophrnia
wt is the explenation for malignant hyperthermia it happen after succinilcholine or halothan in genetically AD sussibtable patient due to uncontrolled efflux of Ca+
when you start with propanolon for ttt of HTNif patient has HTN plus 1 migrain, essential tremor, or aterial fibrilation
how long it takes a patient to deplete all his storage of vit K? how you manage itit need 30 days but if the patient has chronic liver disease it may take less than 7 days. which present as prolong of pt followed by PTT.give vit k and FFP
wt is the MC case of septecemia in sickle cell anemia step peumonia followed by far distance with hemophilius inflenze
wt is contraction stress test the mom is given oxytocin until 3 contraction / 10 min then if late decselaration developed then dilivery is recomended
wt is the complication of parotied cancer surgery facial nerve palsy
how to prevent the exacerbation of exophthalmous caused by Radio active iodine ableation by given corticosteroid before and after the radio
wt is the MC cause of osteomylitis in sickl cell diseasestaph then salmonela
wt is the effect of hyperthyroidism on bone and ca thyroid hormons has a direct effect on osteoclast that activate it which in turn lead to bone loss and mild increase in serum and urine Ca+

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