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how much increase in iron you need to Dx hemochromatosis men >200 , women > 150
wt is the most common viral infection that lead to cardiac myositis and may be progress to CHF coxacivirus B > B19> HSV6> adenovirus> enterovirus
wt is the function of BhCg mintian the corpus luteum on order to mintain adequate amount of progesteron to be secreted from it until the placenta can secreat its won progesteron
wt is the strongest risk factor for stroke HTN
wt is somnambulism sleep walkers
when night terrors occur during sleep during non-REM sleep
when nightmare occur during sleep during the REM sleep
wt is superior sulcus tumor of the lung it is a tumor in the upper lobe of the lung that can compress in the sympathatic trunk causing horner $, and if compress the bracheal plexus (will be called pancost tumor ) the symptom will be pain, parasthesia, and weakness (especially in the distrepution of ulnar nerve )
wt kind of pleural effusion you will find in PE exudative
wt screening recommended for a patient newly Dx with clamedyia check for HBV,HIV, and syphilis
how to deal with bleeding PUD do ABC then upper endoscopy , if contraindicated or unavielable one should give octeriotide
how to diffrentiate COPD( chronic brionchitis) from copd ( emphysema )DLOC is normal in chronic bronchitis and asthma but low in emphysema
subacute thyroditis VS subacute granulmatosis thyrodistisboth cause symptom of hyperthyroidism With low RAIU but subacute thyroiditis is painless and usually post partum where subacute granulmatosis thyrodistis is painfull
how you optimize a patient who is taking warfarin for surgery give FFP and make sure that the platelet is more than 50000
wt is the most common cause of death in scleroderma pulmonary complication ( as interstetial pulmonary fibrosis )
wt is the difference of parathyroid invovment in MEN1 VS MEN2 MEN 1 has adenoma where MEN 2 has hyperplasia
how to control stable angina in a patient with contraindication or no response to BB as usual start with short acting nitrate, aspirin , and BB. if bb not enough or contraindicated give CCB or long acting nitrait ( isosorbid mononitrate or isosorbide dinitrate)
wt is the effect of folic acid deficiency during pregnancy megaloblastic anemia, NTD, glossitis , and diarrhea
wt is the effect of DM on the baby lung maturity high level of insulin in the baby will antagonist the effect of corticosteroid so delay the lung maturity ( remember that HTN and IUGR will accelrate the lung maturity )
wt is roentgenogram roentgenogram is simply an X ray ( usually they use that term for xray used to Dx osteoprosis or osteoprosis associated vertebral fracture
how to deal with pulmonary contusion it may not appear in the initial xray and the hypoxia and respiratory distress(alkalosis ) may developed after few hours of the trauma. ttt it with high volume of saline and intubation
wt is serum sickness like reaction 1-2 week after starting an antibiotics where patient present with fever, urticaria, polyarthralgia, and less common splenomegaly, lad , headache, if sever ttt with corticosteroid if mild just stop the medication
wt is the MC conditions associated with lamber eaton $small lung cancer, hodgkin lymphoma
wt is the pronator drift and wt the indicate you ask the patient to stand with extended arms in a supination palms and ask him to close his eyes if palm pronate or hte hand droped this is a positive test and indicative of UMNL
wt is patellofemoral $young athlet femal with chronic pain that increase with squtting, setting with crossed legs, rinning or prolong standing. DX it with pattelo femoral commpression test ( flex the knee then compress the tendon and ask patient to extend the knee if pain increased this is positive test . ttt with streaching excrsize
wt is pateeler tenoysnovitis athelets as jumper complain of episode of pain at inferior pattela
wt cause erythema multiform in children common post HSV
wt is recommended after diagnose mysthenia gravies after confirm with electrmyography and anty acetylcholin AB one should do chest CT for thymoma and thyroid hormone ( associated with autoimmun thyroditis )
wt is the psychatry disease that has the highest genetic risk OCD 5-10%
when we use osltamivir or zanamivir to ttt influenza if <48 hour or id >48 with a high risk of complications or not getting better
wt is trichotillomania reurrent hair pulling when stressed. ttt with behaviral therapy (remember it is a type of OCD)
HBV vaccin and HCCthe vaccine show decrease in occurence of HCC in chronic HBV infection
wt recommendation for a family of schezophrenia who just started antipsychotics keep the family fight to minimun and he/ she should returen to nl life gradully not so fast
latex anphlactic shock can cause it during of after surgery or during sex ( condom )
wt is the diffrance btw graft vs host disease and host rejection post BM transplant graft vs host start after 2 weeks and attack skin (rash), intestine (bloody diarrhea and abd pain ), liver ( abnormal LFTs) while host t cell will only attach the BM causing decrease in white blood cells and anemia
wt is the ischemic liver is a very high ALT/AST with only mild elevation in ALP and bilirubin, it is caused by sever shock and if the patient servive the should the liver goes back to NL within 2 weeks
wt is the fastest way to confirm influenzae nasal swap for influenza antigen
femoral artery aneurism is 2nd most common aneurism (poplitial is the MC) present with pulsating mass on the thigh and can compress the femoral nerve given pain in the anterior thigh ( remember it can be assocciated with AAA)
wt is the most common complicaiton happend to post term baby(>41)oligohydrominase, BC the plasenta is getting old and so the perfusion is decreasing so the baby urin output is decreasing . deliver the baby no matter wt .
wt is the C/P of opioid toxicity misosis, brady cardia, hypotension, decrease in ABD sound
failur tho thrive in CF weight loss first then length comes after
wt is causes of nl anion gap metabolic acidosis RTA, diarrea , adrenal insufficiency
jeuvenil angiofibromaadelocent prensent with epistaxis , nasal mass, and may be nasal obstruction or congestion ( it is benign but can affect the bone near by and usually need no ttt)
wt is coagulation study in honech schilling purpura NL platelet count and cl coagulation study
wt is the most accurate diagnostic test for acostic neuroma MRI with gadolinum is prefered for this cancer over ct with contrast
wt are the causes of Hb drop in sickle cell disease q aplastic crisis ( low reticulo ), hyperhemoltic crisis (very high reticulo) , and splenic seqestration ( high reticulo cytes )(remember splenic sequestration has splenomegaly with a high risk of mortality so splenectomy post first attack