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what is pseudocyesiswant to get pregnant so bad to the point her body believe it
what is the MC cuz of B/L trigeminal neuralgia MS
what to do after exposer to VZVif already immuned just watch ,if not immuned, then you ttt as, if immunocompetent just give vaccine and if immunosupprsed, pregnant or neonat give IVIG
wha t is dignosis and ttt pf hairy cell leukemia ttt W cladribin DX it stain with trap
what is female orgasm disorder delay or cant get orgasm
what is genito pelvic pain/ penetration disorderis pain and fear of penetration for more than 6 month
what is condition associated with caufo latie spots-neurofibromatosis type1
what is the most common disease associated with pagets $ of the breast it is highly associated with adenocarcinoma
how to dx renal stoneto diagnose renal stone do US or non contrast CT. If symptom is typical or the patient is pregnant do U/S to avoid radiation
UTI complication in elderUTI is the leading cuz of acute incontinence in elder . UTI can cause delerium
what is condyloma accumunataHPV, it turn white W application of acetic acid . you can ttt if small with application of trichloroacetic acid or podophyllin if large surgery of electrical
what is hepatic encephalopathyammonia converted by liver to urea . if ammonia increase as in liver cirrosis it stimulate GABA and inhibit glutamate the symptom start as increase need to sleep which then progress to alter mental and even can go to coma
what is alkalosis effect on Ca+ Ca+ and H+ bound to albumin and in alkalosis the H will leave the albumin and so the albumine will bind more ionised calactive so symptom of hypo Ca
EBV in the CNScan cause primary CNS lymphoma, which appear as weak ring enhanced lesion and may be EBV in the CSF
what is herpatic whitlow is HSV in the fingers , common in dentist
how to deal W <34 week baby should give tocolytics (B agnists ,CCB, or NSAID) and corticosteroid for lung maturty, plus add Mg sulfate as neruroprophlaxis protect baby from cerebral palsy if <32 weeks
what is MC origin of the brain metastasisare by frequency lung , breast , unknown , melanoma , colon ( only lung and melanoma give multiple lesions )
what is acute bacterial parotitishappen post operating , risk are patient dehydration and bad oral hygiene .MC cuz is staph. you can prevent by hydration and good oral hygiene prior to surgery
wt are the risk factor for gallbladder carcinoma1-chronic chlocystitis
2-porcelain gallbladder
3-salmonella carrier ( remember it is highly fatal cancer )
what is cuz of premature ovarian failureradiation , chemo ,autoimmune ,turner $ , fragil X $
what is tumor lysis $cell break release K , Pho and uric acid . the pho will bind the Ca+ lead to decrease Ca+. if sever enough ARF
what is presbyopia pt need to hold book far from his eye due to decrease in conversion ( due to loss of lens elasticity ) in 40 peak 60 and greatly improve with glasses
MC complication of brocheictasis is hemooptesis that some time sever and need bronchial artery embolization
wt is the acid base balance in adrenal insufficiency ?NL anion gap metabolic acidosis

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