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copd and o2 dont correct the hypoxia with high O2 bc the patient will loss his hypoxic drive which is now his only drive
chrons and UC distribution chrons can be any where in GI but US almost always must involve the rectum
where is the most common site where ulnar nerve can get injured the elbow due to repeated pressure applied to this area
how to Dx retinal blastoma by U/S or Ct that show calcification , remember this tumor can metastasis to brain or liver
wt BP drop from lying to sitting you need to Dx orthostatic hypotension systolic drop >20 or diastolic >10
how to differentiate follicular adenoma from follicular carcinomaby histological invasion of capsule and blood vessels
wt is the pathophysiology behind menier disease accumulation of endolymph in the inner ear
how antichlincergic cause urine retention by inhebiting the detrosal muscle contrection ( it has nothing to do with the sphencter
wt cause MEN type 2 mutation of ret gen on chromosome 10
gram positive cocci in chain strep pneumonia
gram positive cocci in cluster staph
wt is the most common cancers metastasis to liver GIT, lung , breast
wt should you do for a BPH newly diagnosed patient do UA looking for hematouria and do PSA screening .
wt electrolyte imbalance happen in alcoholic patient hypo K, Mg, PHO, and also decrease in thiamin (remember if you find hypo K that is resistant to ttt just treat Mg first )
wt it is called when a dr refer a patient to do something in a place where he can benefit from conflict of interest
wt is the biopsy of PSGN will show subepithelium igG hump with hypercellularity glomerular (increased mesangial cell and neurtophil)
how to manage a child with possible meningitisif it is typical a case of meningitis you start by given ceftriexon and vancomycin but if low suspection and neuro stable one should do LP first then start the AB
how to deal with a baby who ingest caustic agent start with ABC then remove wt ever he/she is wearing, and do xray if he has/she has resp symptom. then hospitalize for air way observation. do upper endoscopy within 24 hour (may not appear immediatly )
wt appear on IgA nephropathy biopsy IgA complex deposit in the mesengium( remember its also called burger nephropathy and is associated with Honech shelline purpura )
wt is kluver bucy $ hyper orality , hyperphagia , hypersexuallity
wt cause UTI with high urine PH (>6)a urease positive bacteria as klebsilla , proteus mirbilis, psudomonas
wt complication of giant cell arteritis need monitoring aortic aneurism , follow with serial chest xray
wt should you care about asthmatic patient suffer MI ?be careful with the aspirin and BB , both can trigger asthma
wt bacteria cause infected endocarditis in patient has a colon cancer strep gallolyticus also called strep bovius
wt will happen if you give antibiotic for a patient who has EBV rash and reaction will start 24 hours post AB (vs AB allergy that start immediatly)
wt are the causes of high output heart failure1-thyrotxicosis
2-arterio- venal fistula
3-paget disease
5-thiamin deficiency
wt are the heart disease associated with turner syndrom bicuspid aortic valve , coarcotation of aorta, aorta root dilatation
how CMV manfiest post BM transplantas lung and GI symptom 45 days post transplant

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