[CJS #3] - Quiz Ch. 1 & Ch. 2

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Question Answer
What are the three major components of the criminal justice system?Police, courts, and corrections
What agency is responsible with determining whether an offender should be charged with a crime?Courts
What does the "CSI Effect" refer to?The impact that popular crime television shows have on the criminal justice system
Most offenses in society are _____ .misdemeanors
Punishment for this type of offense generally involves less than a year of incarceration if any.Misdemeanor
This type of law governs disputes between individuals or private parties.Civil
In this type of law, cases are brought by the government against a defendant for violating a specific law.Criminal
This source of law includes the highest laws of the land.Constitutional
Undercriminal law, the burden of proof isbeyond a reasonable doubt
In civil law, the person who initiates the case is called theplaintiff