Cj research methods dawkins

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face validitythe judgment that the instrument appears to be measuring that which it is intended to measure
what are some limitations of participant observation as a data gathering strategytime consuming, ethical hazards, personal demanding, overidentification
what is participant observationstudying individuals or groups in natural settting
most researchers identify this type of participant observation as being participant observationparticipant as observer
what are some of the procedures one should follow when doing participant observation of criminalsavoid taking notes on spot, indicate purpose of study, snowball teqnique
what are some examples of case studies in cjclockers professional fence, shambling box men
this type of sampling is most widely used in participant observationsnowball
why are pseudonyms employed in field studies to protect the identity of respondents
advantages of participant studiesmore natural than experiments, less disturbing for subjects than experiments, less pre judgement
travis described case studies asdecline in coverage in recent texts
describe verstehenqualitative or sensitizing strategy
what advice was given by sutherland and cressy about studying criminals i their natural enviromentits not unwise to study criminals i their natural environment
what is the proper notation for a single subject reversal design aba/abab
briefly describe a single subject designstime series designs
what are some types of unobtrusive measuresphysical trace analysis, disguise observation, secondary analysis, autobiography, simulation

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what is the purpose of confederates in disguised observationput people at facility to be observed
advantages of unobtrusive measuresnonreactive, more natural, avoid over reliance, on attitude date
what is the purpose of simulations example of unobtrusive measures, mimic key features of reality, cause ethical problems
secondary analysisreanalyzing data
meta-analysisstatistical analysis of data gathered from different studies of similar studies
historiographystudy of history
what are secondary sourcespreviously analyzed and evaluated info
what was the major concern in milligrams simulations with obedience to authorityethics
what are data archiveslibraries that contain primary data sets
what is triangulation/ convergent valitdityusing different methods to check something
what is reliabilitystability and consistent on repeated findings/measures
what is pragmatic validityquestion if it works or does it not work
what is the purpose of the drug use forecasting programsurvey our arrestees for drug use
how is the DUF program validatedurine samples
ordinal levelsranking
split half techniqueadministration of one test at one time to one group and inter correlative of odd with even numbers