Civil war

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Question Answer
Antietamlincon issued the emancipation proclamation after this Maryland battle
Appomattoxthe confederate surrender to end the war took place here
Gettysburgthe union victory was the turning point of the war
Manassasthe confederates won 2 battles at this virginia location
Shilohthe union victory in 1862 occurred in Tennessee
Vicksburgthe union won control of the mississippi river with a victory here
Hardtacka 1/4 inch or 1/2 inch thick hard cracker eaten by civil war soldiers
Abolitionista person who belived in ending slavery
Haversackcloth or canvas bag used by a soldier to carry food
Artlillerylarge, powerful weapons such as cannons and mortars
Foragesearch for food by soldiers, often at the expenses of farmers in the battle areas
Secedeto withdraw from the Union, or a large political body
Sutler dry goods salesman who traveled w/ the northern army; of the dishonest
Blockadethe closing off, using naval forces, of a city or area to traffic/ect.
Casualtya person killed, wounded, captured or missing during a war
Rationsmilitary term for food
Calvalrysoldiers mounded on horse back fighting as a unit
Greenbackspaper money used during the civil war in the north
Drafta selection of citizens for mandatory military service
Infantryfoot soldiers marching and fighting together in a unit
Ironclada ship covered w/ iron plates
Yankeesthe union soldiers in the civil war
Rebelsconfederate soldiers in the civil war
Causes for fighting in the northpreserve union & end slavery
Causes for fighting for the southindependence & preserve way of life & keep slavery
Anaconda Plancapture Richmond (confederate capital) & control Missippi river & cut confederacy in 1/2 & block confederate ports
John Wilkens Boothactor who shot lincon
John Browna fanatial abolishinist who led a raid on the US military arsenal at harpers ferry in 1859
Jefferson Davispresident of confederate states
Ulysses S. Grantconfederate of the union army
Stonewall Jacksonthe brilliant confederate general that was killed at battle of Chancellorsyille
Robert E. LeeComander of the confedrate army
Moniter Vs. Merrimacfirst battle between ironclad ships