Civil Rights

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Section 1

Question Answer
Strict scrutinyClassifying by rave is suspect
Intermediate scrutinyClassifying by gendet
Craig v borenFailed intermediate scrutiny
Rational basisReviw used in all other cases
19th anendmentHgave women right to vote

Section 2

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Reed v reedLaws favoring one gender over other violate equal protection claues
Women's equity avyShifted burden of proof in employees to show that employment practices are related to business necessity
Pregnancy discriminatilnPregnancy should be covered in employer health plans
Views v hardwickConstitutional for states to ban homosexual activity
Don't ask don't tellAllowed militarybro discharge homosecuals

Section 3

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Romer v Evans Colorado couldnt amed state constitution to prevent protected status based on secuality
Lawtence v texasOverturned Bowers
Geuttet v bullinger Race can be considered as a factor for a diverse student boxy
Adrand v coalition to defend affirmative actionAdd action laws regarding employment and business are subject to strict scrutiny
Johnson v transportation agencyEmployers may promote plans designed to remedy past discrimination

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