Civics test review 1 types of government

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there are two main factors of governmentauthroism and democracy
autoritarian governments are systems in which people must be OBEDIENT to a single ruler ot a small group of people.
individuals rights and freedoms are limited and an emphasis is placed on control.
usually, auth. governments remain in place through force as the leaders have direct control OVER MILITARY
there are dif types of auth govtsdictatorship and monarchy
dictatorship is ONE LEADER HOLDING ALL POWER. this person is ABOVE THE LAW
monarchy divine rights of kingsruler is hereditary head of state. Ruled ACCORDING TO THE DIVINE RIGHTS OF KINGS. some monarchy they believed they were gods decendant on earth (THEY COULD DO ANYTHING BC THEY ACTED ON BEHALF OF GOD).
monarchy constiutional monarchqueen or king must follow the laws and power is given by the people, NOT GOD. traces back to 1215 CE when king john of england signed the magna carta A DOCUMENT THAT MADE THE KING FOLLOW THE LAW AND BE ACCOUNTABLE TO THE PEOPLE.

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aristocracythe privileged class rules
theocracythe leader is a relgious leader
plutocracyrulers are the wealthy
timocracyrule by the most intelligent

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democracysystem in which THE MAJORITY RULE. the govt must respect MINORITY RIGHTS FOR IT TO BE A TRUE DEMOCRACY.
In a democracy, individual rights and freedoms take priority over obedience and control.
there is an orderly transfer of power between heads of stateusually through elections
since the people are the governmentthey enjoy rights and responsibilities.
direct democracy:all citizens vote directly on laws (ancient greece)
indrect democracy:citizens elect candidates to vote on our behalf

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