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Federal Rule

Question Answer
FRCP 4(d)Waiving Service
FRCP 4(d)(1)(C)Copy of the complaint and 2 waivers
FRCP 4(d)(2)Failure to waiver
FRCP 4(e)Serving w/in US
FRCP 4(e)(1)Borrowing clause
FRCP 4(e)(2)(A)Individual
FRCP 4(e)(2)(B)Suitable age and discretion of who resides there
FRCP 4(e)(2)(C)Authorized agent
FRCP 4(f)Individuals in another Country
FRCP 4(h)Serving Corp
FRCP 4(m)Time limit for serving

Federal Rules

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FRCP 12Defenses and Objects
FRCP 12(a)(1)21 Days to respond
FRCP 12(b)(2)Lack of PJ
FRCP 12(b)(5)Insufficient service of Process
FRCP 143rd Party

Federal Jurisdiction


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§ 1331Fed Q Jurisdiction
§1332Diversity and Amt in Controversity
§1332(a)Compete Citizenship
§1332(b)P recovers less the 75K then must pay d's court costs
§1332(c)(1)(A)Natural Citizen
§1332(c)(1)(B)Every state of incorporation
§1367Supplemental Juris
§1367(a)CNOF or Loose Factual connection
§1367(b)Diversity under §1332
§1367(c)Judicial Discretion
§1367(d)If removed, time freezes

Removal Jurisdiction


Question Answer
§1441(a)Original Jurisdiction
§1441(b)§1332 based
§1441(c)Valid §1331 claim AND Could be removed without addition of supplemental
§1446Removal of a class action
§1446(b)(1)Filed within 30 days of service
§1446(c)(2)(A) and (B)Made in GF under Preponderance of the Evidence
§1447Procedure after removal