CIST - Lecture 4

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give an example of a header tag. how many are there?<h1></h1>, </h2></h2>, etc. ; 6
why are there 6 headers?because as you go down a header (from h1 to h6), the header gets smaller
when should you have the same headers? (i.e. <h1></h1> and another line with the same header <h1></h1> )when there is a similarity between the headers (i.e. Technology, Food, etc.)
When you hit enter and have many returns or take many spaces to code, does it matter?no because it's ignored by the web browser to condense it to just one space
paragraph tag goes under what tag(s)?headers (<h1><h1> through <h6><h6>)
when it comes to headers, do they go under any other tag (like the head or the body)?NO!
using headers can be good but it's too broad. So what can tag can we add?sections!
list the 4 different type of sections that are possible.<section></section>, <article></article>, <aside></aside>, <nav></nav>
what tag can we put under headersparagraph tag


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when should you use the <section> element? <section> </section>when you have content that you could store as a record in a database.
list 3 examples of when to use the <section> elementAddresses for magazine subscribers, Departments in a college,Products you could search on a company website
if you use a <section>, what tag should you at least have inside to describe the content?<h1> </h1>


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when should the <article> element be used? <article> </article>when you have content that could be independently redistributable from your own website to other websites
list some examples of how the <article> element can be usedblog posts on a web site, magazine or newspaper articles, forum posts, comments on blog or forum posts
what kind of tags can go under both <article> and <section> ?<h1> &

<section> element goes under what tag?headers (i.e. <h1> )


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what is the <aside> element used for? <aside> </aside>to section off tangentially-related material to the rest of the material in that section.
list 2 examples of where the aside tag shows itselfpull up quote, sidebar
in the aside element, what can you use to style them?CSS
<aside> tag can go under what tag?<article> tag
what can go under the aside tag?<h1> &




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what is <nav> element used for?to wrap common navigational elements on a page for a web site.
where is the <nav> element usually found in a page?at the top or bottom of the page
list a few examples of where the nav tag is usedlinks to the home page, an about page, the terms of service for the site, etc.
what can go under the <nav> tags?<h1> & <ul> tags
what can go under the <ul> element?<li> </li>


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what do comments in HTML5 documents always start with? end with?
anything between are accepted or ignored by the web browser?ignored of course because you don't see them!