CIST - Lecture 3

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what does HTML5 stand for?Hypertext Markup Language (version 5)
what is HTML?the "programming language" for creating web pages that look good and convey the meaning you intend with your content.
why do HTML have a set of tags?to describe what a particular piece of content is and/or how it should look or be displayed on a web page.
do you ever see the tags themselves in the web pages?No
why would some HTML tags have attributes?to modify their behavior
Should web pages across various web browsers change depending on the code? What website can you go to in order to check this?No, they should be the same;
List 5 the web browsers that one should know?microsoft's IE, google chrome, opera, mozilla firefox, apple's safari
what does IE run on?Only runs on Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Phone and tablet devices.
what does mozilla firefox run on?Runs on all operating systems and mobile devices.
what does apple's safari run on?Runs on Apple and Microsoft operating systems as well as Apple mobile devices.
what does opera run on? Is it the most flexible and versatile one?Runs on all operating systems as well as mobile devices, tablets and Nintendo products. ; YES!!
what does google chrome run on?Runs on all operating systems, including Android 4.0 and up devices.
give an example of a "container" tag on HTML

This is a paragraph, and boy is it an exciting one.

what is another name for an empty element?void element
what is an empty element? Give an examplea tag that does not have a separate end tag; img src="hypnotoad.jpg" alt="All Hail!"
In this code, img src="hypnotoad.jpg" alt="All Hail!", what does are the src and alt? what do they describe?attributes; modify the behavior of the img. tag


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what are block elements in HTML5 known as?semantic elements
what are the purpose of block elements?to organize content into semantic groups
how are block elements displayed?independent of one another because semantically they are not related to one another.
Block elements may have their own margins, height, width and other display properties independently set. T or F?True!
what are Inline elements known as in HTML5?phrasing content
where are inline elements used?in paragraphs and inside tags
what do Phrasing content elements modify?appearance characteristics of content.


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what is the most important part of any website regardless of media type?content
what is the "semantic" approach?to design, organizing your content by its meaning instead of by how you want it to look.
what does CSS stand for?cascading style sheets
what is the purpose of CSS?to format the information the way we want it to appear (structure)
When naming files should you use lower-case or upper letters? Does it matter? If so why?lower-case; yes because file names are case-sensitive so aboutus.html is different than Aboutus.html
when naming files, if you need to use the space bar, what should you instead use?a dash ( - )


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what does URLs stand for?uniform resource locators
what are the 2 types of URLs?Absolute & relative
what does an absolute URL specify?protocol, host, resource
what is an absolute URL tell us?an exact location that can be reached from anywhere on the Internet.
what is a relative URL?specify the location of a resource in relation to, or relative to, your current location.
is the following e-mail,, an absolute or relative URL? identify protocol, host, and resource.absolute; protocol: http, host:, resource: /mail/
in a relative URL, what 2 things are ommitted? why?protocol and host; they are assumed to be the same as whatever document you are currently looking at.
what is a short command to "view page source"?CTRL-U


Question Answer
To create most standard HTML web pages, what tag do you use? Type it correctly with html document. Now change the document with xhtml.Doctype; ;
After the doctype tag, what container do you put? type it.html; <html> </html>
for a standard HTML5 page, what what kind of attribute should you put in your opening html tag? type it out.lang="en" ; <html lang="en">
every html5 document is separated into 2 what? type those tags.the head and the body; <head></head>, <body></body>
what does the head section contain?title of your web page
what does the body section contain?content
every HTML5 page should also contain the title element. Where should this go?inside the <head> element
Give 3 reasons why the title is importantIt will be what appears in the title bar of your browser, It will be what appears in a browser's bookmark list, & It will be what appears as the title for Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc. searches.
what website can you go to in order to validate your HTML5 page and find out if there are any errors?


Question Answer
where does the meta element go?inside the head element
inside the head element, what code do you have to type?meta charset="utf-8"
what does it mean when we say that the meta tag is an "atomic" tag? Give an exampleit stands alone without a separate closing tag. At the end it has a space, followed by the forward slash followed by the closing bracket ; <meta />
what does the meta tag tell the browser?how your HTML file was saved (encoding) and should be processed.
is meta involved in encoding or decoding?encoding
what does encoding refer to?how the document was saved
so in meta charset="utf-8", what does the charset specify?the encoding


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