CIST - Lecture 2

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Question Answer
what do you press to look at the save files?ls
how do you select the saved file that you want?VIM + file name
how do you remove a specific file?rm -i + file name
what do you type to send an e-mail from loki?mutt
what do you type to turn in an assignment?~rfulkerson/turnin
what do you type if you come to a page that says forbidden?publish-public-html
if you ever have trouble with forgetting the different commands, what can you type to learn about the various commands?vimtutor


Question Answer
what is the website that you go to in order to see you code? (use index.html in this case)
what is the website with the title orange.html?
if you want to go to a specific directory like public_html, what do you have to type first? then what?pwd ; cd ~/public_html
if you want to go back to your original directory, than what do you have to type?cd
how do you save and quit out of a file that you are working on?[esc], then press type :wq