Circulatory System

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The Heart is a?muscle
The heart is made of what type of tissue?cardiac
The heart has how many sides4
Right side pumps to the?Lungs
Left side pumps to the?Body
Each side has how many chambers? 2
Upper Chambers are called? Atrium
Lower Chambers are called?Ventricles
What is located between the atria and the ventricles? septum
What is the job of the valves?to prevent blood from going backwards

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Tubes in the body are called?Blood vessels
What are the 3 types?Ateries, Veins, and Capillaries
Which allow the exchange between CO2 and O2Capillaries
How thick are Capillaries1 cell thick
How narrow are they?narrrow enough for only one red blood cell to pass at a time
Capillaries lead to?Veins
Veins carry blood to?the heart

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How much blood is in the human body?5 liters
What are the main 4 components? plasma, platelets, Red Blood Cells, and White Blood Cells
What is the fluid part of the blood?plasma
Which part makes clots? platelets
Which part fights pathogens?White Blood Cells
Which part carries CO2Red Blood Cells
What is the protein that carries O2Hemoglobin

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What is the percent of Red Blood Cells?45%
What is the percent of Plasma?55%
What is the percent of White Blood Cells and Platelets?less than 1%
What is the color of Plasma?yellow
What are the contents of Plasma?mostly water, contains amino acids and sugars
What does macrophanges mean?Big Eater
What do macrophanges eat?pathogens
Killer T Cellskill infected cells
Helper T Cellscontrol other White Blood Cells
B CellsMake Antibodies
AntibodiesMarkers that identify infected bacteria or viruses. They are Y shaped

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What is the job of The Reb Blood Cells?Carry oxygen
How thick are Red Cells?8 microns

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What do Platelets do?Make Clots (stick to exposed collagen fibers)

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What is HemoglobinMolecule that oxygen binds too
What is the color of Hemoglobin?Red
What metal is in HemoglobinIron

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WHat is Hemocyanin?Molecule that binds to O2. Not attached to any cell
What is Hemocyanin used by?It is in the bloods of Anthropods and Mollusks(Horseshoe Crabs)
What is the color of Hemocyanin?Blue
What metal is in Hemocyanin?Copper

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What do blood vessels do?Carry blood
Arteriescarry blood away from the heart to the body
capillariescarries blood from arteries to heart
veins carries blood back to veins

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