Circulatory system

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The heart, blood, arteries, veins, capillaries, and lymphatic system make up the ________ _________circulatory system
The heart and three types of blood vessels together make up the _____ ______cardiovascular system
What does the word cardio mean?heart
What does the word vascular mean?blood vessel
Arteries, veins, and capillaries are _______ _______ that carry blood throughout the bodyblood vessels
What kind of tissue makes up most of the heart?cardiac
Each upper chamber of the heart is called a(n) ____atrium
Each lower chamber of the heart is called a(n) _________ventricle
The right side of the heart pumps oxygen- poor blood to the ________lungs
The left side of the heart pumps oxygen- rich blood to the body
When atria relax, what do the ventricles do?contract

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Why do the heart's valves close?To prevent blood from going backward
What part of the heart makes the "heartbeat" sound?the valves
______ carries blood back to tthe heartveins
_______ allows exchanges(gas exchange) between blood and body cells
(Oxygen diffuses from high concentration in the blood to lower concentrations in body cells. Carbon dioxide diffuses from high concentration in the body cells to lower concentrations in the blood.)
_______ carries blood away from the heartartery
_______ is pressure caused by heartbeatsblood pressure
________ is caused by a rhythmic change in blood pressurepulse
What is the narrowest kind of blood vessel?capillary
What kind of blood vessels are helped by the contracting of skeletal muscles?veins
What kind of blood vessels strech due to blood pressure?artery
What is added to blood when it is pumped to the lungs?oxygen
What is taken from blood when it is pumped to the lungs?carbon dioxide

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Where does the exchange of blood and oxygen take place in the lungs?capillaries
The flow of blood between the heart to the lungs is _________ circulationpulmonary
The flow of blood between the heart and the rest of the body is _______ circulationsystemic
A healthy diet and plenty of ______ can reduce the risk of cardiovascular problemexercise
Fatty buildup in blood vessels can cause _____atherosclerosis
Abnormally high blood pressure can cause ______hypertension
brain damage caused by damage to blood vessels can cause _______stroke
A condition caused by the death of heart muscle cells is called ______heart attack
What could happen when blood supply tot he heart is blocked?You could have heart failure

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An adult body has about ___ liters of blood5
What are the four components of blood ?plasma, red blood cells, platelets, and white blood cells
What is the fluid part of the blood called?plasma
What do red blood cells do?take oxygen to every cell in your body
What does hemoglobin cling to?Oxygen
When bleeding starts, _______ form a plug to reduce blood lossplatelets
What two things do white blood cells do?help keep you health destroying pathogens and help clean wounds
Pathogens include bacteria, ________, and other microscopic organismsviruses
To fight pathogens, white blood cells destroy pathogens or release ________antibodies
What destroy dead or damaged body cells?white blood cells