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Terms regarding interrogations


Question Answer
interviewquestioning people who are not suspects in a crime but who know something about it or the people involved.
interrogationquestioning those suspected of direct or indirect involvement in a crime.
rapportan understanding between individuals created by genuine interest and concern
Two basic requirements to obtain informationlisten and to observe
direct questionto the point, allowing little possibility of misinterpretation. (“What time did you leave the house?”)
indirect questiondisguised. (“How do you and your husband get along?”)
Emotional barriers to communication includeingrained attitudes and prejudices, fear, anger and self-preservation
Language BarriersAttempt to overcome through knowledge, training, awareness and assistance
When to use miranda warning?If there is custody AND interrogation then the Miranda warning must be given pursuant to Miranda v. Arizona
New York v. QuarlesPublic Safety Exception to Miranda
admissioncontains some information concerning the elements of a crime but falls short of a full confession
JuvenilesObtain parental permission before questioning.Do not use youth as an informant unless the parents know the situation.Phone interviews are legal without parental permission… they are free to hang up at any time. get parental permission and then interview juvenile alone