Church Admin 201 mid term

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Describe the nature of the churchPeople of God, Body of Christ, New Humanity
What is the purpose of the churchGroup of people who are whole heartidly committed to doing what God wants to be accomplished.
What is the mission of the church?Mission of the church is to achieve the purpose if the church which is to be do tell
What are the four questions that current paradigm shifts answer about the twenty first century churchWho is responsible for leadership, How the church is organized, How does a church measure success, Where does the church do its work
What are the five most important characteristics of tramsformational leadershipApproiating a shared vision, Communicating the vision, movovating others, adressing real problems, encouraging others

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Where in scripture do we find a mandate for the study and practice if church admin?1 Corthinans 12:28
What are three self mamagement actions of choosing?Administry style, Start ups stratedgy, closure approach
What are 6 purposes of a healthy churchFellowship, Discipleship,worship,ministry, evangelism, prayer
What are 3 key questions that are essential elements in deciding how to orgnizeIdentify specific purpose, Find the best way to achieve stated purpose, define clear area of responsibility

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List 5 duties of a personel committeeStudy needs for future personnel, develop and keep current all position descriptions, Develop and maintain an organizational chart, develop a process for personnel employement,Recommend to the church a salary.
List 4 characteristicsof good church member staffappreciation, responsible freedom, understanding, cooperation
In my opinion what is purpose of the church budgetto help the church use their money wisly
a ministry budget on people list 3 questions the committee need to askWhat are the ministeries our church will be engaged in next year to acomplished how much will these ministeries cost is there a better way to get the job done
list 3 things as to what a pastor can do to promote underwriting the budgetprayer education promotion
list 5 guide lines for planningprepare for planning, establish purpose in planning, involve people in long range planning, simplify process, maxmize results
what is the relationship of the mission of the churchmoney usually follows the mission