Chpt. 19 History Quiz

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Section 1

Question Answer
Brokered the historic peace treaty between israel & egypt called the camp david accords`Jimmy Carter
went to china as president to encouraging the soviets to pursue diplomacy more activelyrichard nixon
wrote silent spring, one of the most controversial & influential books of the 60's, assailed the increasing use of pesticidesrachel carson
member of the committee for the re-election of president nixon, suspiciously also a former member of the ciajames mccord
attorney general of the US who ordered the break-in at watergatejohn mitchell

Section 2

Question Answer
vice president to nixon foreced to resign for taking bribesspiro agnew
felt that most serious probmlems related to the US economy was the nations dependence on foreign oiljimmy carter
president who met with leaders of the NATO & the warsaw pact to sign the helsinki accordsgerald ford
president Nixon's foreign policy adviserhenry kissinger
upheld students rights to free speech & assembly on college campusesteh supremecourt

Section 3

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shortly after the public learned of us negotiations with china, the soviet union proposed an american soviet high level diplomatic meeting, orsummit
president nixon dismantled a number of federal programs & gave more control to state & local govts., a policy he calledthe new federalism
because nixon targeted anti-war protesters, radical students, & draft dodgers, he was considered to be a _________ presidentlaw & order
president nixon argued that the recordings of the white house conversations should remain confidential to protect national security, a principal known asexecutive privilege
after inflation surged in 1978, president carter responded by reducing the money supply & raising interest rates on loans
in 1973, the organization of petroleum exporting countries announed that its members would impose an ______ of petroleum to countries that supported israelembargo

Section 4

Question Answer
name of irans religious leaderayatollah khomeini
rise in rhe cost of goodsinflation
combination of rising prices & economic stagnationstagflation
iranian monarch supported by the usshah
in may 1972, president nixon & the soviets signed teh 1st nuclear arms limitaion treaty, also known asSALT

Section 5

Question Answer
many observers point to april 1970 & the celebration of ______ as the begining of the environmental movementearth day
the incident at 3 mile island left many people in great doubt about thesafety of nuclear energy
after noticing high incidents of health problems in their community, the residents of love canal found out their town was built on top of atoxic waste dump
in the 70's, civil rights leaders becan to focus on securing for aferican americans access to good jobs & adequate schools
native americans who viewed teh govts. efforts to address their problems as too modest formed more militant groups, such asthe american indian movement
what gains did native americans make in teh 70'sall answers
although the supreme court had ordered an end to segregated public schools in 1954, many schools remained segregated in the early 70's becauseneighborhoods were still segregated & children went to neighborhood schools
the americans with disabilities act of 1973 prohibited any federal funded program from discrimination agasinst people withall answers
in '70, congress passed & president richard nixon signed a new antipollution law that created the environmental protection agencytrue
teh indian civil rights act of 1968 recognized the legitimacy of local resercation law & guaranteed reservation residents the protections of the bill of rightstrue

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