Chp. 20 History

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although liberals tend to favor govt. intervention in the economy, they are generally suspicious of attemps to use the govt. to regulatesocial behavior
unlike most liberals, conservaions tend to be fundamentally distrustful of the power of govt.
the largest religious group within the social conservative movement that formed by the late '70s wasevangelical protestants

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conservative republican nominee for president in 1964Barry Goldwater
protestant minister who built a national following by the late '70sBilly graham
movement founded by Jerry Falwell that backed conservative candidates & issuesMoral Majority
worked to spread conservative ideas to a wider audience with the magazine national reviewWilliam F. Buckley
southern & western regions of the ussunbelt

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The economic expansion the nation experienced during reagan's 1st term as president made him very popular, contributing to his reelection in 1984true
believers in suppy-side economics supported higher taxes, allowing businesses & investors to use extra capital on new investments false
president reagan believed that cutting taxes & building up the military wre more important than balancing the budgettrue

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president reagan encouraged the federal reserve to raise interest rates & asked congress to pass a massive tax cut, in what critics calledreaganomics
the tax cut president reagan won from congress would increase the budget deficit, so reagan proposed ____ to keep deficit under controlcutting social programs
during his presidency, reagan launched the largest peacetime buildup ofthe us military
in a scandal that tainted president peagans second term in office, money from the secret sale of weapons to iran was given to becontras in Nicaragua
the strong economic growth of the 80s mostly benefitedmiddle class & upper class americans
which of the following entertainment technologies changed tv viewing habits as well was the movie industries in the 80svcr
to raise $ for the starcing people in ethipoia, singer bob geldof organized a series of concerts around the world calledlive aid
in late december 1991, mikhail gorbachev announced the end of the soviet union
in may 1989, students & workers help demonstrations calling for democracy inchina
who sent his army to invade oil-rich kuwait in august 90?Saddam hussein
the recession that began in 90 was caused in part by the end of the cold war, because the usbegand reducing its armed forces & canceling orders for military equipment

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taxes must be lowerfiscal conservative
gay marriage is okaysocial liberal
abortion should be illegalscoial conservative
scoical security must be protected fiscal liberal

Section 6

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ronald regan repoub.
barack onbamadem.
usually conservativerepub.
usually liberaldem.