Cholinomimetric Drugs

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glaucomapilocarpine, carbachol, pysiostigmin + pilocarpine, echothiophate + isoflurophate
xerostomiapilocarpine, neostgmine.... when radioation and neoplastic problems- these problems are resistant to treatment
myasthenia gravisdestruction of NM receptors- edrophonium for diagnostic purposes, neostigmine, pryridostigmine to enhance NM transmission.
antidote for atropine poisoningphysiostigmine is the drug of choice. neostigmine and quaternary NH4 dont enter the BBB so are not used
paralytic ileus and bladder atony for after surgeryneostigmine preferrred.
senile dementias of the alzheimers typeCholinergic drugs are being tried but no concentration
Bronchial asthmaMch
Dentist usually use what for xerostomiaall cholinomicmetric drugs stimulate saliva but pilocarpine most commonly used
what is used for adverse reactions of drugs used as antimuscarinic IV sedation such as atropinephysiostigmine

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four classes of antimuscuarinic drugs naturally occuring, semisynthetic, synthetic quaternary ammonium and synthetic that are not quaternary ammonium
drugs that are naturally occuring antimuscarinicatropine and scopolamine - methscopolamine
semisynthetic derivativeshomatropine
synthetic quaternary ammonium compoundsmethantheline, propantheline and ipratropium
synthetic quaternary with not ammonium compoindsbenzotropine, trihexyphenidyl, cyclopentolate
Ach interacts with ACHe at 2 sitescholine binding and esteratic sites
Ach is split at what type by enzyme esteratic site
organophosphates interact at what site of enzymeesteratic stire
edrophonium resversibily binds at what site at ACHE enzymecatalytic site
Neostigmine and physiostigmine interacts at what site of enzymeboth sites choling bind site and esteratic site
neostigmine and endrophonium are direct acting or indirect acting both
do organophosphates pass through the BBByes highly lipid, except for echothiophate


how does the antimuscarinic drugs act on peripheral nervous system
mydriasis and cycloplegia belong to which type of drugs
effect of antimuscharinic drugs on respiratory- increase or decrease airway resistance ?
what does antimusclarinic drugs do to salivary glands


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what is the treatment of toxicity from mushrooms atropine and gastric lavage