Cholesterol Metabolism

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Main site of cholesterol synthesis?Liver, cytoplasm
Metabolic state of cholesterol synthesis?Fed state, high insulin/glucagon ratio
What enzyme is cholesterol derived from?Acetyl-CoA
Stage oneAcetyl-Coa to Hmg CoA
Stage 2Hmg CoA to Mevalonic Acid
What catalyzies Hmg Co a Synthesis?HMG CoA Reductase
What is the rate limiting step in cholesterol formation?HMG-CoA reductase reaction
What does regulation of HmG CoA reductase do?balances cholesterol supply and demand in body
High insulin?Active enzyme
High Glucagon?Inactive enzyme
What is a Statin drug?Structural analong of HMG- CoA
What does Statins Do?Reduces cholesterol synthesis
Examples of Statins?Lipitor, Pravachol
Stage 3Melvonic acid to cholesterol
Where are bile acids derived from?Chenocholic acid and Cholic acid
What does Cholic acid do?Inhibits cholesterol 7 alpha hydroxylase activity
CholestyramineBile acid sequestrant
What to bile acid sequesterants do?binds to bile acid, reduces absorption, increases excretion
Dietary FiberBile acid sequestrant
EzetimibeInhibits cholesterol absorption by entrocytes
HmG CoA reductase inhibitorsStatins
Decreases cholesterol synthesisStatins
Decreases cholesterol uptakeEzetimibe
increases excretion of cholesterolEzetimibe
Causes of gallstonesIncreased cholesterol secretion form liver, decrease in bile salt synthesis
causes of increased cholesterol secretion?Obesity, metabolic syndrome, high fat diet, abnormal HmG CoA reductase levels,
What causes a decrease in bile salt synthesis?Liver disease, medications
What drug can be given to tx gallstones?Chenodeoxycholic acid

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