Cholera Fact Sheet

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Section 1

Question Answer
How quickly can Cholera kill, if left untreated?A few hours
How many estimated Cholera cases are there annually?3-5 million
How many estimated deaths are due to Cholera annually?100000 - 120000
What % of cases can be treated successfully with ORS?80%
What is the incubation period of cholera?2 hours to 5 days
What % of cholera infections lead to acute secretory diarrhoea with severe dehydration?20%
How much does ORS cost on average per patient?$15
In 2006, how many deaths were due to unsafe drinking water?5 million
How many people lack access to safe drinking water worldwide, according to a report from 2006?More than 1 billion
What % decrease in cholera cases did filtration with sari cloth have?48%

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