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What happened to the cholas after the sangam period ?Became feudatories in Uraiyur
What was the capital of Cholas ?Tanjore
Area under the control of Cholas ?Sri Lanka and the Malay Peninsula ( southernmost tip of Myanmar, Peninsular Malaysia, and Southern Thailand)
Who was the founder of Imeperial Cholas ? Vijayalaya (captured Tanjore from Muttaraiyars in 815 A.D and built a temple for Durga)
Who annexed Tondaimandalam from Pallavas ?Aditya by defeating Aparijita
Who defeated the Pandyas and the ruler of Ceylon but suffered a defeat at the hands of the Rashtrakutas in the famous battle of Takkolam ?Parantaka I
Who provided the vimana of the famous Nataraja temple at Chidambaram with a golden roof ?Parantaka I
Who helped in the construction of a Buddhist monastery at Nagapattinam ?Raja Raja Cholan I
Who completed the construction of the famous Rajarajeswara temple or Brihadeeswara temple at Tanjore in 1010 A.D ?Raja Raja Cholan I
Who helped in the construction of a Buddhist monastery at Nagapattinam ?Raja Raja Cholan I
Who defeated Mahipala I of Bengal and founded the city of Gangaikondacholapuram and Rajesvaram temple (shiva) ?Rajendra I
Under whose rule did whole of Sri Lanka became part of the Chola Empire ?Rajendra I
Who succesfully carried out a naval expedition to Kadaram or Sri Vijaya ?Rajendra I (Assumed Kadaramkondan as title)
Who restored the Vengi throne to its rulers Saktivarman and Vimaladitya by defeating the Telugu Chodas ?Raja Raja Cholan I
Who carried out a naval expedition against the Maldive Islands ?Raja Raja Cholan I
Raja Raja I was a devout follower of ?Shavism
Rajendra I was a devout follower of ?Shavism made liberal endowments e Lord Nataraja temple at Chidambaram, tolerant towards the Vaishnava and Buddhist sects
After Rajendra cholan defeated Jayasimha II, the Western Chalukya king which became the boundary between the two kingdoms ?the river Tungabadhra
What was the reason for downfall of Chola Empire ?rise of the feudatories like the Kadavarayas and the emergence of the Pandya power
Who was the last chola king ?Rajendra III who was defeated by Jatavarman Sundarapandya II
Which chola king initially invaded Sri Lanka forcing Mahinda V to flee ?Raja Raja Cholan I
The capital city of Anuradhapura was shifted to ?Polanaruva where a Shiva temple was built

Administration of Cholas

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What was done to increase the efficiency of the administration ?Royal Tours
Various officials were called ?perundanam and sirudanam
What was the land revenue department called ?puravuvarithinaikkalam
Was there a system of survey ?Yes and there was classification of lands for revenue
What was the residential portion of the village called ?ur nattam
Which lands were exempted from tax ?residential portion of the village (Ur nattam) and lands belonging to temples
Besides land tax what were other means of revenue for the state ?tolls and customs on goods, professional taxes, dues levied on ceremonial occasions like marriages and judicial fines
Who became famous by abolishing tolls during hard times and earned the title Sungam Tavirtta Cholan ?Kulottunga I
What were the main items of government expenditure ?the king and his court, army and navy, roads, irrigation tanks and canals
What were the royal troops called ?Kaikkolaperumpadai
Within the royal troops what was the personal troop to defend the king known as ?Velaikkarar
What were the military cantonments called as ?kadagams
How was Chola Empire was divided into ?mandalams
How were each mandalam divided into ?valanadus and nadus
In each nadu there were a number of ?autonomous villages
How were the village was divided into ?Wards (each was to nominate its members to the village council)
Who were in charge of mandalams ?The royal princes or officers
The valanadu was under ?periyanattar
The nadu was under ?nattar
What was the town known as ?nagaram
The nagaram was under the administration of a council called ?nagarattar
Which inscription gives a detailed account of the village administration of Parantaka I ?Uttiramerur (Kancheepuram ) has info about formation and functions of village councils
What were the qualifications to become a ward member ?Ownership of at least one fourthveli of land, Own residence, 30-70yrs,Knowledge of Vedas
What were the norms of disqualification ?Those who had been members of the committees for the past three years ,Those who had failed to submit accounts as committee members ,who committed sins,stolen the property of others
From the persons duly nominated from wards how were people chosen for each ward ?by kudavolai system for a ,names of eligible persons were written on palm-leaves and put into a pot,A young boy or girl would take out thirty names each for one ward. They were divided into six variyams to take up six different functions of the village administration
How were the ward committee members called ? variyapperumakkal (usually met in the temple or under a tree and passed resolutions)
How many committees and ward members were present in a village ?varied with each village, but each village was divided into thirty wards

Social and Economic life

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Was caste system prevalent in chola period ?Yes, Brahmins and Kshatriyas enjoyed special privileges, two major divisions among the castes –Valangai andIdangai castes, but there was cooperation among various castes and sub-castes in social and religious life
Was sati present ?Yes, in Royal families
What was the system of dancing girls attached to temples which developed during chola period called ?Devadasi
Where did silk weaving flourish in chola perid ?Kanchi
Which religious institution was powerful in chola period ?mathas
What led to agricultural prosperity during the chola period ?Reclamation of forest lands and the construction and maintenance of irrigation tanks
What were trunk roads called ?peruvazhis
Were merchant guilds present ?Yes
With which countries did cholas have trade contact ?China, Sumatra, Java and Arabia (Arabian horses for cavalry)
Which inscriptions provide details of the colleges during chola period ? Ennayiram, Thirumukkudal
Apart from the Vedas and Epics what subjects were tought in colelges ?Mathematics and medicine
How were the colleges run ?Endowment of lands


Question Answer
SekkilarPeriyapuranam orTiruttondarpuranam
JayankondarKalingattupparani describes the Kalinga war fought by Kulotunga I
Ottakuthar Moovarula depicts the life of three Chola kings
KalladanarKalladam (grammar)
AmirthasagararYapperungalam Jain (grammar)
Pavanandhi Nannul (grammar)
BuddhamitraVirasoliyam (grammar)

Art and Architecture

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What was the chief feature of the Chola temple ?vimana
Give some examples of early chola temple ?Narthamalai(has paintings too) and Kodumbalur in Pudukottai district and at Srinivasanallur in Tiruchirappalli district
What does the big temple built by RajaRaja cholan consit of ?vimana, ardhamandapa, mahamandapa and a large pavilion in the front known as the Nandimandapa
Give some examples of examples of later Chola temples ?Airavathesvara temple at Darasuram in Tanjore District and the Kampaharesvara temple at Tribhuvanam