Children's Reflexes

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Suck-Swallow (object touches roof of mouth)Sucking
Rooting (stroke or brush on the cheek)Turns head toward touch and opens mouth)
Flexor Withdrawal (noxious stimuli to sole of foot or palm of hand)Flexion of knee or elbow to withdrawal from stimulus
Crossed Extension (noxious stimulus to sole of foot)Flexion and then extension on contralateral leg
Traction Response ( traction on upper extremities (as in pull-to-sit))Flexion of upper extremities with the appearance of "helping" into sitting position
Moro (Rapid neck extension)Initially, arms abduct and extend filled quickly by arms flexing in as if grasping for parent and crying
Plantar Grasp (pressure on ball of the foot or toes)Foot will dorsiflex and toes will curl
Positive Support (child is supported under the arms and feet bounce on a flat surface)Extends legs for 20-30 seconds to support self in standing followed by flexion of legs and entering sitting position
Stepping/Walking (infant held upright (slightly tilted forward) with solid surface under feet)Reciprocal stepping motion of legs
Galant (stroke is made on the paravertebral area from neck to low back)Lateral flexion of trunk toward the side being stroked with hips and legs moving toward side of stimulus
Asymmetrical Tonic Neck Reflex ATNR (head turned to one side)Arm and leg on the face side extend, arm and leg on the skull side flex
Symmetrical Tonic Neck Reflex STNR (neck placed in flexion or extension)When neck extends, arms extend and legs flex. When neck flexes, arms flex and legs extend
Tonic Labyrinthine Reflex TLR (supine or prone position)In supine, trunk and extremities extend. In prone, trunk and extremities flex
Placing reaction...Proprioceptive Placing (firm touch of dorsum of foot or hand on solid surface such as a table)Flexion and subsequent extension of extremity resulting in hand or foot being placed on surface
Palmar Grasp (object placed in open hand)Grasping of object
Babinski (stroke of lateral plantar surface of foot)Great toe extension and fanning of the other toes


Question Answer
Head Control4 Months
Rolling6-8 Months
Log Roll4-6 Months
Segmental Roll6-8 Months
Sitting8 Months
Cruising10 Months
Walking12 Months

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