Childhood rashes

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Question Answer
Coxsackie virushand-foot-mouth disease, oval-shaped vesicles on palms and soles, vesicles and ulcers in oral mucosa
HHV-6roseola, asymptomatic rose-colored macules appear on body after several days of high fever, can present with febrile seizures, usually affects infants
Measlesbeginning at head and moving down, rash preceded by cough, coryza, conjunctivitis, and blue-white (koplik) spots on buccal mucosa
Parvovirus B19erythema infectiosum, slapped cheek rash on face (can cause hydrops fetalis in pregnant women)
Rubellapink coalescing macules begin at head and move down --> fine desquamating truncal rash; postauricular lymphadenopathy
strep pyogenesscarlet fever, erythematous sandpaper-like rash with fever and sore throat
VZVchickenpox, vesicular rash begins on trunk + spreads to face and extremities with lesions of different stages