Child Language Acquisition (Names and studies)

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Question Answer
Noam Chomsky (1960s)Nature > Nurture
SkinnerOperant conditioning (nurture > nature)
Child Directed SpeechChanging tone, speed, complexity; functions > teaching
High Amplitude Sucking0 - 1;0
Head-Turn Preference0;6-1;0
StreeterBabies can tell all sound diffs even not in native lang
Jusczyk6m old American & Dutch babies no pref in lang
Jusczyk & Aslin (1995)7.5m listened longer to familiar sounds
Babbling theoriesJakobson, Brown & Cruttenden, Oller
JakobsonNo relation between between speech and babble
Brown & CruttendenDrift between speech and babble
OllerNative lang is discernable in babble
The Fis issue"Fish" "Yes, fis," "Fis?" "No, fis"
Vocabulary spurt2;0
Goldfield & Reznick13 kids showed 10 new words; 5 didn't (2nd born)
Golinkoff Theory of MeaningWhole object, basic level, equal detail and taxonomic assumptions
Tomasello (2003)Social pragmatic theory of word learning
ClarkKids acquire meanings bit by bit from a set of universal features linked to perceptual and conceptual info
BowermanError free usage followed by errors as lexicon is rearranged
PetersLonger babbles alongside first words
BraniganLong sequences of single words
Jean Berko PaperFound 1st inflections = -ing, -in, -on, -s
Johnston & SlobinMorpho-syntactic & conceptual complexity
Subject use theoriesHyams, Valian, Gerken
HyamsKids don't realise subject is obligatory
ValianKids use subjects by 2;8
GerkenKids also don't use unstressed syllables
Johnson70% of early WH- Qs are "Whats this" or "whats that"
Shwe & Markman2.5 year olds concerned with correcting misunderstandings in 2-way convos
Eve Clark Successful ConvosJoint focus, tailor, appropriate, listen, relevance, turn taking, timing
Reger40% repetitions - new material
Michael McTear Repetition UsageAgreement, verbal play, questions
Barbara Read & Louise CherryPoliteness - 2;6 Gestures, 4;6 indirect requests & politeness markers, 6;0 still not always polite
Giovanna AxiaPersuasion; Less appeal and attention seeking, more discourse and politeness over time