Child Development

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Dressing Development

Question Answer
1-year level skillscooperates with dressing, pulls socks and shoes off, pushes arms through sleeves
2 year levelremoves unfastened coat, helps pull down pants, finds arm holes in pullover shirt
2.5 year levelremoves elastic waist pants, assists in pulling on socks, puts on front buttoning coat/shirt, unbuttons large buttons
3 year levelindependently pulls down pants, puts on shoes without fasteners
3.5 year levelunzips zipper, finds front of clothing, puts on mittens, buttons 3 or 4 buttons, dresses with supervision
4 year levelzips jacket
5 year levelties and unties knots, ties a bow

Toileting Development

Question Answer
1 year levelindicates discomfort when wet/soiled, has regular bowel movements, sits on toilet when placed there
1.5 year levelurinates regularly, shows interest in potty training
2 year levelstays dry for 2 hours or more, flushes toilet I, achieved regulated toileting with occasional daytime accidents, rarely has bowel accidents
2.5 year levelmay need reminders to go to the bathroom, wakes up dry at night, washes hands I, wipes urine I
3 year levelgoes to bathroom I, seats self on toilet, may need help wiping bowel
4 year leveli in toileting