Child Development Exam #1

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Question Answer
5 issues Santrock believes are important considerationshealth, well-being, parenting, education, and socioeconomic contexts
define contextthe settings, influenced by historical, economic, social, and cultural factors in which development occurs
define ethnicitya characteristic based on cultural heritage, nationality, race, religion, and language - example: latinos, polish americans
define ethnic diversitycharacteristic within an ethnic group - example not at all Latinos are Catholics
define resiliencechildren develop confidence in their abilities despite negative stereotypes
marian edelmanpresident of Children's Defense Fund advocates children's rights and calls attention to their needs
Locke and Rousseau's contribution to the early view of childhoodbelieved reason and freedom are important to childhood
3 processes developed in the "whole child"biological, cognitive, socioeconomic (relationships with others, emotions, personality)
Nature v. Nurturenature- biological and intelligence or nurture- raised by parents and environment
Continous v. Discontinuousdiscontinuous = qualitative, continous = quantative
steps of the scientific methodconceptualize the problem, collect data, draw conclusions, revise research conclusions and theory
Bronfenbrenner's theoryMicrosystem (family), Meosystem (relations between, link), exosystem (mother's workplace), microsystem (government or society), chronosystem (divorce)
Freud's id, ego, and superegoid- instincts and desires, ego- demands of reality, superego-moral devil and angel on shoulder
Freud's stagesoral, anal, phallic, latency, genital
Erikson's stagestrust v. mistrust, autonomy v. shame/doubt, initiative v. guilt, industry v. inferiority, identity v. identity confusion, intimacy v. isolation, generativity v. stagnation, and integrity v .despair
Piaget's stagessensorimotor, preoperational, concrete operational, formal operational
information processing theoryindividual's manipulate information, monitor it, and strategize about (memory and thinking two main components)
behaviorist theorydevelopment is directly observed and measured