Chemistry Unit 1 Test review

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Question Answer
MassAmount of stuff in object
Volume Space " stuff takes up" (how spread out)
Describe particles in the solid form?lined up and neat
Liquid form? Spread out
Gas form? All over the place and in different direction ( draw arrow heads to indicate where if need to)
When a substance is less dense will it float or sink? Float
More dense? Sink
Heating= oxygen added
burning is always a what? Chemical change
Chemical Change You start with something and end up with something different ( new)
Physical Change When you start and end with the same thing . Ex: Gas to liquid. Solid to liquid etc
1cm^3 = ? 1ML
solids are what? in dense More dense
Gas are what? in dense Less dense
Liquid are what? in dense Between more dense and less dense
Law of Coversation of Mass? You can not create or destroy mass

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