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Chemistry - Solubility

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Question Answer
SolubilityAmount of solute ina solution
What happens when Ionic Compound disolves in water?The compound dissacociates and forms ions, which form ION-DIPOLE forces with the water molecules
What dictates the solubility of Ionic Compounds in water?The smaller the ion and higher charge mean they are less soluble.
What happens when Covalent dissolves in water?Compound separates, does NOT form IONS
What dictates the solubility of Covalent Compounds in water?"Like dissolves in like"
- Polar dissolves with polar
- The smaller the molecule, the more likely it is to attach to water molecules
What dictates solubility?- Type of bond
- Temperature
- Pressure
How does temperature affect solubility?Solubility increases as temperature increases EXCEPT FOR GASSES which are the INVERSE
How does pressure affect solubility?Solubility increases as pressure increases.
Factors which affect rate of disolving- Temperature
- Stirring
- Surface area (more == better)