Chemistry Revision

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What do ionic substances contain?Ions.
What is electrolysis?The process where ionic substances are decomposed into simpler substances when an electric current is passed through them.
What needs to happen for electrolysis to work?The ions need to be free to move
When are ions free to move?When they are dissolved in water or melted.
Where do positively charged ions move to?The negative electrode
What to positively charged ions recieve when they move to the negative elecrode?Electrons and they are reduced
Where do negitively charged ions move to?The positive electrode.
What do negitively charged ions lose when they move to the positive electrode?They lose electrons and are oxidised
What is the substance that is broken down called?Electrolyte
What is electroylysis used to do?It is used to electroplate objects
What is electroplating?Coting a cheap metal with a more expensive one
The negative electrode should be the object that is to be:electroplated
The positive electrode should be the metal that you want to:coat the object with
The electrolyte should be:a solution of a coating metal

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