Chemistry 2

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Question Answer
Daltons Atomic Theory 1Matter is made of atoms
Daltons Atomic Theory 2Atoms of an element identical in mass
Daltons Atomic Theory 3Atoms are not created or destroyed
Daltons Atomic Theory 4Compounds are made of atoms of different elements
J.J. ThompsonCathode ray experiments - electrons have a negative charge
MilikanOil drop experiment - determined the exact charge of the electron
RutherfordGold foil experiment - most of the mass of an atom is concentrated in the nucleus which contains protons (+ charge)
ChadwickDiscovery of the neutron
What is an isotope2 or mroe forms of an element that have the same # of protons, but different neutrons and therefore different masses
How to calculate the average atomic mass of an element given percent and abundance% abundance is equal to 100, convert % to decimals, multiply by mass, add them together
What makes a binary acidHydrogen and a nonmetal
What makes up an oxoacidHydrogen, nonmetal, and oxygen
What is the formula for percent composition by mass% = mass of E divided by mass of sample times 100
What is the empirical formulasimplified from molecular
How to go from empirical to molecular formulamultiply masses by MM and divide by the lowest mass. Multiply each element by its grams per mol and divide molar by empirical and multiply all coefficients by that number
Molarity =mol/L