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Chemistry Pages

Elements - periodic table elements
Element Groups - halogens, noble gases, metalloids, transition metals, etc.
Elements Charges - charges of common monatomic and some polyatomic ions
Masses of Elements - handy for molecular weight calculations
Electronic Orbital Properties - Quantum numbers for 1s, 2p, 3d, 4f, etc. electrons
Electron Configurations of Elements - He=1s2, C=1s2 2s2 2p2, etc.
Isotope Half Lives - half-lives and nuclear reactions
Common Magnetic Nuclei - nuclear spins for many isotopes, handy for NMR


VSEPR Shapes - linear, bent, tetrahedral, square planar, etc.
Intermolecular Forces - H-bonds, London Dispersion Forces, etc.
Phase Transitions - melting, freezing, boiling, condensation, etc.
Forster Distances - useful in FRET spectroscopy


Inorganic Chemistry


Organic Chemistry


Biochemistry - see Biology


Tensile Strength for various metals


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