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Chemical and its use or effect disease

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Question Answer
rat killerzinc phosphide ( Zn3P2)
wilson's diseasecopper (Cu@29)
prevent termitszinc cloride (ZnCl2)
fireproof and waterproof clotheshydrolith (calcium hydride)
remove hardness of waterzeolite
aeroplanepalladium (Pd@46)
HerbicideSodium chlorate (NaClO3)
radium extractedfrom pitch blende
in hospital to purify the airsodium peroxide (Na2O2)
onion and garlic odourpottasium
photochromatic glasssilver chloride (AgCl)
artificial rainsilver iodide (AgI)
used in election as markersilver nitrate (AgNO3)
in petrol as anti knoking agenttetra ethyl
avoid melting of icegelatine
phosgene gaschloroform in sunlight
artificial perfumesethyl acetate (CH3–COO–CH2–CH3)
oil paintinghydrogen peroxide (H2O2)
smell of iodexmethyl salicylate
cure acne and dandruff skinsalicylic acid
flavouring agent in liauoricenausadar (NH4Cl)
cookingbaking soda (NaHCO3)
cooling agentdry ice
reduce acidityslaked lime (Ca(OH)2)
water treatmentbleching powder (Ca(ClO)2)
used in fertilizergypsum
used in natural deodrantspotassium alum (KAl(SO4)2)
sooth the body, mind and soulmagnesium sulfate (MgSO4)
food and drinkfructose
treating iron deficiencygreen vitriol (FeSO4)
important medicine needed in basic treatmentwhite vitriol (ZnSO4)
modern insecticideblue vitriol (CuSO4)

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