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Chem unit 4 and 14

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Section 1

Question Answer
Octet ruleelements tend to lose/gain/share electrons in order to acquire noble gas e- configuration
Volatilitytendency of a substance to vaporize
VSEPR theorypairs of electrons repell to be as far apart as possible
Graphitecovalent network solid. layers of hexagonal rings consisting of carbon atoms. Layers connected by London Forces. Each carbon atom trigonal planar, each carbon connected to 3 other, 120 angle. Good conductor delocalized pie electonrs
Diamondcovalent network solid. each carbon bonded to 4 others. very high melting boiling points. strong covalent bonds. not good conductor, valence e- localized in single sigma bonds
Graphene1 atom thick. covalent network solid. consists of singleplanar sheet of carbon atoms arranged hexagonally. Each carbon to 3 others. Lattice is planar. good conductor
C60 fullerinecomposed of individual molecules with strong covalent bonds but weak London forces between molecules. not conduct. e- not capacity to move between molecules due to symmetrical nature of C60.
intramolecularholds atoms together within molecule
interinteractions between molecules in a compound
H-bondHF, NH or OH

Section 2

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Hybridizationmixing of atomic orbitals to generate a set of new hybrid orbitals that are equivalent