Chem unit 1 and 8 test

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Question Answer
Molea fixed number of particles and refers to the amount, n, of substance. 6.02 x 10 ^23
empirical formulasimplest whole number ratio of atoms of different elements in the compound.
molecula formulathe actual number of atoms of different elements covalently bonded in a molecule.
AmphiproticSpecies that are able to act as both acids and bases
conjugate basespecies that has one less proton.
Buffer solutionsolution that resists a change in pH when small amounts of a strong acid or strong base are added.
Composition of buffer solutionThey can be composed of a weak acid (base) and the salt of that acid (base) reacted with a strong base (acid)
IndicatorsWeak acids/bases whose dissociated and undissociated forms have different colours