Chem ch 16

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what suppresses the ionization of a weak acid or a weak baseThe presence of a common ion
common ion effectthe shift in equilibrium caused by the addition of a compound having an ion in common with the dissolved substance
molaritymoles per liter
k(sub)aequilibrium constant
what does ph stand fornegative log of hydrogen concentration
pkanegative log of equillibrium constant
Henderson-Hasselbalch equationpH = pKa + log([conjugate base]/acid)
M times L ismoles
buffer solution is a solution ofA weak acid or a weak base and The salt of the weak acid or weak base
bronsted acids areproton donators
about weak acidsdon't ionize fully in water
molarity vs molalitymoles/liters vs moles/kg
chap 16 slide 6
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what is -log of the xph
constituents of buffer solutionweak acid/base and salt
kaacid ionization constant
to find molesM times L
first step to find ohfind moles
find oh from pohOH=10^-poh
for Qcmultiply molarities