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This statement expresses president lyndon B. Johnson belief that the?entire country must help in the struggle against poverty
The movements led by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Ceasar Chavez were simular that both used civil disobedience to bring about social change
what did the woman liberation movement seas its major goal in the 1960s guaranteeing woman equal pay for equal work
what was a major goal of the American Indian movement (AIM)to obatain greater understanding of the american indian point of veiw
what action did Chavez take that was consistent with the message in this letterorganizing a farm workers union
How did the methods advocated by the black panthers to achieve their goals differ from those of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.They conciderd the use of violence to protect their own communites
which best summarizes the main reason why the united states became involved in the Vietnam warTo prevent the spread of communism in indochina
According to the Domino Theory is south vietnam fell to communism then neighboring countries would soon follow
what was president John F kennedy's response to soviet plans to install nuclear missiles in cuba in 1962he placed a blockade around cuba and threatend war
which law helped woman athletes obtain greater support in american high schools and universites title IX of the eduacational amendments act
which group achieved the right to vote in the Twenty-sixth amendmentAmericans 18-20 years old
what has been an effect of space technology and exploration on the people of the united states it led to advances in the quality of life for most americans

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