Characterization quiz

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Question Answer
CharacterizationThe process by which an author reveals the personality of a character.
Direct CharacterizationThe author TELLS the reader the personality of a character.
Indirect CharacterizationThe author SHOWS the read the personality of a character through words, actions, relationships with others, thoughts, and/or looks.
Dynamic CharacterUndergoes a massive internal change over the course of the story
Static CharacterDoes not undergo an internal change; same in the end as he/she was in beginning.
Round Character: We know a lot about these characters! We understand their complexities and motives.
Flat Character: We do NOT know much about these supporting characters; often stereotypical.
Protagonist: The main character of the story; the “good guy”; we empathize with him/her.
Antagonist: The person, animal, thing, force, etc. that is in conflict with protagonist; the “bad guy.”

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