Characteristics of Lower Extremity Ulcers

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Arterial Insufficiency UlcersLocation: Lower one-third of leg, toes, web spaces (distal toes, dorsal foot, lateral malleolus)
Appearance: Smooth edges, well defined; lack of granulation tissue; tend to be deep
Exudate: Minimal
Pain: Severe
Pedal Pulses: Diminished or absent
Edema: Normal
Skin Temp: Decreased
Tissue Changes: Thin and shiny; hair loss; yellow nails
Leg elevation increases pain
Venous Insufficiency UlcersLocation: Proximal to medial malleolus
Appearance: Irregular shape, shallow
Exudate: Moderate, heavy
Pain: Mild to moderate
Pedal Pulses: Normal
Edema: Increased
Skin Temp: Normal
Tissue changes: Flaking, dry skin; brownish discoloration
Leg elevation lessens pain
Neuropathic UlcersLocation: Areas of the foot susceptible to pressure or shear forces during weight bearing
Appearance: Well-defined oval or circle; callused rim; cracked periwound tissue; little to no wound bed necrosis with good granulation
Exudate: Low/moderate
Pain: None, however dysesthesia may be reported
Pedal Pulses: Diminished or absent; unreliable ankle-brachial index with diabetes
Edema: Normal
Skin Temp: Decreased
Tissue changes: Dry, inelastic, shiny skin; decreased or absent sweat and oil production
Loss of protective sensation

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