Characteristic of STDs (ulcerative)

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What is the Causative agent of Chancroid?H. Ducreyi
What are the features of a Chancroid? (3)1) Multiple deep ulcers 2) Base had gray to yellow exudate 3) Organisms often clump in long parallel strands (school of fish)
Is a Chancroid painful?yes
Causative agent of Genital herpes?HSV 1&2
Features of genital Herpes? (3)Multiple small, grouped ulcers, shallow w/erythematous base, Multinucleate giant cells and intranuclear (Cowdry type A)
Are genital hepres painful?yes
Causative agent of Granulona inguinal?Klebsiella inguinale
Features of Granuloma inguinal?1) Extensive and progressive 2) granulation-like tissue base 3) Deeply staining Gram negative (donovan bodies) are diagnostic
Is granuloma inguinale painful?no
What does the lesion from syphillus look like?(3)1) Single indurated well-circumscribed ulcer 2) clean base 3) Thin delicate corkscrew shaped organisms seen on dark field microscopy
Is the lesions syphillus painful?no
What is the causative agent of lymphgranuloma venereumChlamydia trachomatis
Features of lymphgranuloma venereum?1) small shallow ulcers 2) heal rapidly 3)Intracytoplasmic chlamydial inclusion body present in epic cells and leukocytes.
Is lymgranuloma paiful?no